Our Favorite Hiking Trails in Muskoka

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Our Favorite Hiking Trails in Muskoka 1

Our Favorite Hiking Trails in Muskoka

From the Hatchery Falls to Strawberry Point, here are the best hikes in Muskoka.

At Gilbert + Burke, there’s not much we love as much as a great hike spent in the stunning outdoors of the Muskoka area. We’re big fans of lacing up our shoes (and sometimes even kicking up the stands on our mountain bikes) to explore the Muskokas, and we’ve spent a long time finding hiking trails that are extra special.

Photo Credit: Explore Magazine

Whether you’re in the mood for an easy post-dinner walk or a challenging hike, we’ve rounded up some of the best hikes and hiking trails in the Muskoka area for you and your family to discover. Whether you explore Huckleberry Rock or bike through the Devil’s Gap, be safe, follow the markers and have fun!

Strawberry Point Trail: If you’re in the mood for a bit of an endurance challenge, the Strawberry Point Trail is a difficult but beautiful 5-kilometre hike with insane views of the Lake Muskoka landscape. You’ll alternate between country roads and wooded areas along the way, which gives you a well-rounded hiking experience sure to have you breaking a sweat.

Hardy Lake Trails: It’s a choose-your-adventure hike at the Hardy Lake Trails, which offers three different trails that range in difficulty from beginner to experienced. At Hardy Lake, you’ll see tons of Atlantic coastal plain species all left behind from the recession of the ancient Lake Algonquin. With such a variety of things to see and try, these trails are some of our favourites.

Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail: With rocks that are over a billion years old (seriously!), the Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail is an absolutely beautiful trail that leads to a breathtaking view, perfect for sunsets and sunrises. Keep an eye on the white trail markers to ensure that you stay on the trail, and enjoy!

Hazelwood Trail: The Hazlewood Trail is a favourite of ours that runs directly through the forest, and is a nice challenge for more experienced hikers. There are quite a few climbs throughout the hike, but the beautiful scenery and beaver pond awaiting you make it worth the steps.

Devil’s Gap Trail: Whether you’re more into hiking or into mountain biking, the Devil’s Gap Trail is for you. You’ll see a variety of scenery, from barren and rocky parts to wetlands and forests. Tip: The trail is a wonderful one for stargazers, and we’d recommend finding your way to the Southwood Road area (slightly west of the trail’s beginning) to scope out the best night sky.

Fairy Vista Trail: You’ll see fields, forests AND wetlands when walking the Fairy Vista Trail, which is paved and perfect for mountain bikers and hikers alike. This 3.4 km hike is perfect for families due to its ease and is a great post-dinner hike for everyone in your household.

Wilson’s Fall Trail: Wilson’s Fall Trail is a short and sweet hike surrounded by beautiful forests and perfect for exploring the stunning Wilson’s Fall. The loop is well-marked and is a fun hike with a pretty view to boot. You’ll run into some stairs along the way, but the trail is relatively easy for most skill levels.

Hatchery Falls and Skeleton Lake Fish Hatchery Trail: This trail winds along what used to be a hatchery, and you’ll see everything from small waterfalls to rapids along this trail. You can also follow a trail that leads across a field and into the area of the Hatchery Falls themselves.

Oxtongue Rapids Trail: The Oxtongue Rapids Trail is a pretty hike that takes you through some stunning forest scenery, and it’s particularly gorgeous come fall. You might have to look to find the actual trailhead, but once you get going you’ll see some beautiful views of the river and the Oxtongue Rapids.

Hillside Hamlet Trail: The Hillside Hamlet Trail is a picturesque community trail that’ll take you through the pretty community of Hillside. Along the way, you’ll see everything from bed and breakfasts to stunning forests, and the trail also offers plenty of good options for birdwatching and wildlife sightings.

We’re pretty partial to the Muskokas, and for good reason. As one of the most beautiful and friendly places in Ontario, we love sharing our favourite spots with anyone we can find. Give us a call if you’re looking to build in the area.

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