How to achieve immediate and future ROI from your kitchen remodel

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How to achieve immediate and future ROI from your kitchen remodel 1

How to achieve immediate and future ROI from your kitchen remodel

Often, the word “remodel” gives people anxiety because of its perceived price tag. Remodelling a kitchen can be an expensive project, but the return on the investment can far outweigh the initial sticker price. Realtors and market professionals will tell you that the kitchen provides the most potential for ROI for a home, if you’re looking ahead to resale value. But it also gives you, the homeowner, an upgrade in your most-lived-in space. In any case, it’s important to invest in the right remodelling elements–the ones that will bring you instant and future benefits.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you invest in a kitchen remodelling project that will truly pay off.


Sometimes, the least expensive upgrade to a kitchen is simply the layout of key elements. You may think your kitchen footprint is too small and cramped to entertain, but removing cabinetry or changing the configuration of counters will open it up and make it feel like a brand new space entirely. Consider how you will use the space and design the layout to suit. If the kitchen is a heavy traffic zone in your home, allow for optimal space around the fridge, stove/oven and drawers. If the kitchen is a prime hang-out or entertaining area for friends and family, an island with extra seating and storage might be the way to go.


Lighting is a critical component of any room in the house, but for some reason in the kitchen, it is rarely utilized in the same manner as other rooms. Many kitchens do not have access to natural lighting, which means that artificial lighting is the primary (in some cases, only) source of brightness. If budget allows, adding a new window, skylight or sun tunnel would funnel in natural light throughout the day. However, if you’re not in the market for the installation of natural lighting sources, find artificial lighting products that will work to replicate it. Also, make sure that key working and entertaining spaces are properly lit–under cabinet lighting, or pot lights should be designed in such a way to give direct light to these areas. If you choose to install a statement lighting fixture, perhaps over an island, or in-kitchen eating area, consider that you may not always want full light–control the brightness with a dimming solution.


How to achieve immediate and future ROI from your kitchen remodel 2


The quickest, easiest, and often most budget-friendly kitchen upgrade is replacing all of the fixtures, giving the space a fresh, new look without knocking down any walls. Hardware, like cabinet or drawer handles can be found at a local hardware store, sourced through a supplier, or custom-made. Consider the overall style of the space–new fixtures can risk standing out like a sore thumb if you choose a completely divergent style from the cabinet materials, paint or backsplash colour, and appliances.

Talk to a professional before you dive head first into a remodelling project. Design and construction should work in harmony to ensure you end up with the kitchen of your dreams, floor to ceiling.

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