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The Best Hiking Trails in Parry Sound 1

The Best Hiking Trails in Parry Sound

Lacing up your hiking boots is a way of life in the Parry Sound.

When you live in Parry Sound, you’re living in one of the most beautiful places on earth — and that’s a fact. The option for so many outdoor activities is one of the many reasons we love building here so much, and also one of the many reasons our clients love living here too. While we love a great boating or paddleboarding day, we really love lacing up the hiking boots — and hiking in Parry Sound is pretty next-level.

Whether you’re ready to head out on a long walk or you’re more interested in a strenuous hike,Parry Sound has the place for you. We’ve rounded up some of the best hiking trails in Parry Sound to visit, so grab your sunscreen, pack a water bottle and head out. From a more difficult path to an easier walk, we have you covered with our guide to Parry Sound hiking trails:

The North Shore Rugged Hiking Trail: This moderate, 3.1 km hike involves a rugged walk through some gorgeous wilderness, ending up withstunning views of Georgian Bay. You’ll want to bring hiking boots with you (the trail really is rugged like the name — lots of rocks!), and we’d even recommend you pack a swimsuit. There are swimming spots in the lake off the trail, and it’s the perfect way to cool off before heading back. Plus, dogs can go off-leash on this hike.

Huckleberry Rock Lookout: If you’re wanting to see one of the most beautiful views around, this hike is for you! The trail itself is an easy one to hike, and you don’t gain a ton of elevation on the 2.9 km walk up. We’d recommend bringing your hiking boots along to this one, too — it’s pretty rocky — but man, it’s worth it! You can bring your pups on this trail, but keep them on a leash.

Torrance Barrens Trail: The Torrance Barrens Extension Trail is a great choice if you want an easier hike that’s still a good length. Just around 6.4 km, the trail is beautiful and full of rocks, water and great views. It’s a unique perspective of the area, and is one of those trails that shows you a little bit of everything — i.e., our favourite kind!Bring the hiking boots, and keep pups on a leash.

Rose Point Trail: This 13.4 km hike will take up your day, but it’s a great and easy one. The trail, which is relatively flat, is a great spot for wildlife watching — especially if you love bird watching. If you’re looking for a more natural, scenic trail, the first half of this hike is perfect for you. Depending on the time of year you go, you may see anything from wildflowers to otters to turtles — and it’s a beautiful one. You can bring the dogs off-leash, but be careful — there’s lots of wildlife around, so you may want to keep them on one anyways.

Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail: This trail, which is around 6.3 km out and back, is a relatively flat and easy one, perfect for hikers and kids alike. It’s surrounded by absolutely beautiful nature views and is also a great place to cycle. The trail gets pretty busy, but for good reason — it’s not difficult, and there are some truly gorgeous things to look at along the way. Bring the dogs here, but keep them on leash.

If you’re wanting to spend more time hiking in Parry Sound and its surrounding areas, we have the perfect solution — come live here! At Gilbert + Burke, we love building custom homes for people just like you.Contact us today.

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