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4 Ways to Get Ready to Enjoy Spring at the Cottage 1

4 Ways to Get Ready to Enjoy Spring at the Cottage

The first glimpses of spring are finally showing up, and we think it’s just about time for winter to kick the bucket. Warmer temperatures, the first signs of blooming plant life and longer days call for extended weekends at the cottage. Before you know it, peak getaway season will arrive with the summer, and it’ll be prime time to enjoy sunny days and slow evenings with family and friends.

Get your cottage spring ready with a few simple steps that will allow you to enjoy your time away from home stress-free over the next several months. You’ll be glad to get these out of the way before the busy season for cottage travel starts up, so that you can relax, rest and spend quality time with the ones you love at your home away from home.

4 Ways to Get Ready to Enjoy Spring at the Cottage 2

Do a walking inspection outside

When you arrive at your cottage, it’s so important to perform a full exterior inspection. After a harsh, cold winter and extended time away from your cottage, several issues can arise among the exterior grounds. Check for low hanging or broken tree branches, any shifts in the foundation, damage to the roof or other obvious problems around the cottage.

Any holes around the premises or structure, ripped door or window screens or windows that have been broken by local animals are important to look for, too. Examine your deck and dock (if you have one) for splintered or broken boards, protruding nails or other possible dangers. Be sure all the pieces of the dock are secure and accounted for, and reposition if necessary.

Pick up any garbage or other debris around the property that could be deemed hazardous, and fill any major potholes on the driveway to avoid damage to vehicles or tripping hazards. Pick up dead leaves, branches and other natural debris to improve the look and safety of your cottage’s exterior.

Do a walking inspection inside

Move on to the inside after you’ve inspected the exterior of your cottage. Animals often like to create shelter inside cottages during the winter to shield themselves from inclement weather. Look through your closets, pantry, cupboards and any other small, dark spaces inside the cottage.

Check for signs of animal damage or nesting by keeping an eye out for droppings or bug remains. Seal any holes that you find to keep animals out in the future.

It’s also smart to take a look at your smoke and carbon monoxide detector batteries, as well as make sure your fire extinguisher expiration date has not passed. Look for any burnt out lightbulbs or other odd changes within the cottage, and fix them as soon as you can.

Turn the water and propane on again

You may want to get an inspection before turning on your propane if it hasn’t been used throughout the winter. Look for animals in your appliances prior to powering them back up, and open the cottage windows to encourage good ventilation.

Perform a preliminary check for the propane tank, hoses and connections before you turn anything on, and look for leaks by using sudsy water. If there is any bubbling, a leak exists and needs professional attention.

If your water system was drained for the winter, be sure the hot water tank is full before turning back on your taps. Run faucets for a few minutes to flush out the system before using. Be sure to test your water before consuming.

Restock your medicine and First Aid kit

Accidents happen, and when you’re at the cottage, you want to be prepared. Toss any expired medications leftover from previous years, and make sure you have everything you need in your First Aid kit.

Bandages, cleaning alcohol, gauze, antibacterial cream and cotton balls are a really solid place to start. If you’re prone to allergies or any other ailments, restock the appropriate over-the-counter medications to be prepared for anything that comes your way this spring and summer at the cottage!

For any other questions about getting spring ready at your cottage, or for information about renovating your cottage or boathouse, get in touch with the professional and innovative design-build team at Gilbert + Burke. We would love to help you remodel your cottage into the space you’ve always imagined for springtime getaways with your nearest and dearest. Connect with our team for a personalized quote today at 705.328.9431.

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