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Customize Your Space With Creative Interior Design

Interior Design Services for Luxury Homes & Cottages in Ontario

We Make It Simple to Design a Luxury Interior

Finding the right balance between style and function for your interior design presents many challenges. At Gilbert + Burke, we act as your personal guide and simplify the process from start to finish. Our interior designers provide creative and practical solutions to ensure every choice matches your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Transform your living space into a personal paradise with Gilbert + Burke’s interior design services.

Choose the Gold Standard of Interior Design in Ontario

With over 20 years of success, Gilbert + Burke is a beacon for luxury interior design. We’re renowned for creating spaces that resonate deeply with our prestigious clientele. Every project is a testament to our quality craftsmanship. We handpick every material, texture, and hue to design a cohesive and luxurious ambiance for your home. Our interior designers ensure every element has a purpose for your everyday life while adding visual appeal. Entrust your project to Gilbert + Burke and elevate your lifestyle with a luxurious interior.

Tailored Luxury

At Gilbert + Burke, we gain a detailed understanding of your aspirations and lifestyle needs. Our designers go beyond generic solutions, employing a holistic design approach. It all starts with an in-depth consultation to pin down your personal preferences, from materials to color schemes.


Timeless Elegance

Through decades of experience, we’ve mastered the process of infusing timeless elegance into our interior design projects. We blend long-standing design principles with contemporary aesthetics to create interiors that remain everlasting through changing trends and seasons. This approach ensures your living space embodies today’s modern styles and continues to enchant well into the future.


Functional Aesthetics

True luxury lies in seamlessly blending beauty with practicality. Our interior design services prioritize visual allure and everyday functionality to ensure each space provides a convenient living experience. Through our holistic design philosophy, we transform your home’s interior into artful masterpieces where aesthetics and utility coexist in perfect harmony.


Meet Interior Designer Katerina Georgakakos, B.I.D., ARIDO

Katerina’s design philosophy centers on merging aesthetics with functional living spaces. Her designs emphasize the importance of well-being to ensure each space looks stunning and supports your lifestyle. Her expertise spans various styles, including contemporary, transitional, modern farmhouse, Scandinavian, and mid-century modern.


Interior Design Services
for Every Space

At Gilbert + Burke, we offer a full suite of interior design services to help you convert any part of your home into a functional work of art. Our interior
designers embody your vision and weave your personality into every space. Create the perfect backdrop for joyful experiences and memorable moments
with an interior design by Gilbert + Burke.

Planning Spatial

Arrange and organize spaces to optimize flow and function for your lifestyle

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Concept Development

Create exclusive interior designs that radiate your unique identity

Interior Design

Harmonize your space for a seamless blend of aesthetics and functionality

Exterior Design

Elevate your home’s curb appeal with designs that blend with nature’s beauty

Kitchen Design

Arrange and organize spaces to optimize flow and function for your lifestyle

Milwork Design

Elevate interiors with craftsmanship that adds a lasting impression

Finishes Selection

Choose from exquisite materials, textures, and colors that elevate your interior design

Window Treatments

Find sophisticated designs that offer the ideal combination of privacy and aesthetics


Discover curated pieces that stand as a testament to luxury and comfort

Home Decor

Infuse your personal style into every detail of your home

We contracted the services of Gilbert & Burke Design and Build to renovate our existing cottage and then add on a major addition. The quality of the work was exceptional. Close attention was paid to details and they were proactive in identifying design options that saved time and money. G + B has a very creative, well seasoned and experienced team and provided all round great customer service. They were always responsive to our questions and very proactive in solving all construction issues.  We are extremely pleased with the end result.

B.W. and S.W.
Tiny, ON

We have been working with Gilbert + Burke over the last 3 years on the design and construction of our new home on Lake Simcoe. I think one of the most remarkable things is that as the project draws to a close, we will be sorry to say goodbye to the Team. We have very much enjoyed working with this team, even when the inevitable bumps in the road happened. We have never doubted that they had our best interest at heart, and knew they were working to give us the very best home they could within the budget. We love our new home and we have lots of good memories of working through the project. Thank you Gilbert + Burke for making our family dream a reality.

Lake Simcoe

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working alongside Gilbert + Burke on various projects. Gilbert + Burke's team is truly professional from the bid stage, down to the final completion. Questions are answered promptly, coordination between trades is spot on , communication through out the project is excellent, and the staff is always very friendly and happy to help however they may be needed.

Loretto, ON

The Gilbert + Burke is a team of truly talented individuals committed to the project for close to a full year. We encountered crumbling lathe and plaster, a bat colony in the attic and a tow-foot-high crawl space under the house. With each setback, Gilbert + Burke dug in their heels and found often ingenious solutions that spoke to their decades of experience and depth of character. The challenges were many but we really felt that Gilbert + Burke were as truly invested in our project as we were.

Baltimore, ON

Gilbert and Burke completed our cottage on Peninsula Lake in Huntsville in 2019. Their team lead by Brian Gilbert was outstanding. From permits to finishing touches, we were guided throughout the process. Our site super intendant took every detail of the cottage personally and was as proud of the results as we were. Their design team took great care to ensure that the cottage match our personalities and goals. Nothing was ever “cookie cutter”. Everything was designed to our thoughts and dreams. The team was flexible and communicated very effectively throughout the build. We do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to build, renovate or fix.

B.J. and D.J.
Peninsula Lake

Having worked with Gilbert + Burke in the past, we knew that there was nobody else that we trusted in completing our dream. On this project, we tasked them with a tight deadline for completion and even with some setbacks in permits, they were able to deliver. Everybody that was associated with this project was so professional and committed to the end goal. The final result was more than a kitchen or a place to retire, but a warm and inviting place for friends and family to gather for many years to come.

A.W. and S.W.
Sturgeon Lake, ON

Gilbert + Burke have a professional approach through the entire project process from the first client meeting, to the preparation of a project budget, to establishing a build time-frame, and most importantly their commitment to organization and client communication, made all aspects of the build and enjoyable and rewarding experience. From the start through construction completion, delivery and deficiency resolution, Gilbert + Burke have proven that they are the ones who deliver your dream on time and on budget.

Balsam Lake

We really appreciated the prompt, friendly service. Brian Gilbert is an excellent representative and his integrity to get the job done at the cost and time projected is of great value. It was a pleasure doing business with Gilbert + Burke and I would highly recommend them to others.

Midhurst, ON

I have built three houses in the past and have worked with many contractors and sub contractors and this was the first time ever that I had one show up on time, do quality work, and within estimate. 3 out of 3, in my opinion.


Wonderful to work with. It was a pleasure to have them in our home and we are very pleased with the results. Looking forward to working with Gilbert + Burke in the future


My family and I are very pleased with the completed project on my house! It looks great! Just what it needed!

Bobcaygeon, ON

What a great team at Gilbert + Burke! They took our vision and transformed it into reality. We love our new space.

Haliburton, ON

The entire Gilbert + Burke team was a pleasure to work with. They were experienced, competent, and exceptionally organized.


Working with Gilbert + Burke was a pleasure. Their workmanship and thoughtfulness throughout the project was amazing.

Cannington, ON

Craft an Interior Design to
Last a Lifetime

Our dedication to precision craftsmanship guarantees every detail of your home’s interior
radiates divine elegance. However, what really sets Gilbert + Burke apart is our ability to
optimize your budget and achieve the highest quality interior design possible. Ready to
embark on this journey? We’re ready to be your guide.

At Gilbert + Burke, Every Interior Design Begins with You

Our initial consultations prioritize understanding your unique style and vision.

This knowledge helps us curate interior design elements so you don’t have to search through the countless options available.

Our unique expertise allows us to convert your abstract ideas into tangible realities.

Every conversation, draft, and mood board is crafted with a singular goal—to transform your spaces into reflections of your deepest desires.

With Gilbert + Burke, your home becomes an eloquent narrative of who you are and what you cherish. Our initial approach includes:

• Clarifying your vision
• Home visit and measurements
• Explore form, function, and aesthetics
• Conducting site explorations
• Crafting a preliminary budget

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Shaping Your Interior Design Through Collaboration

After the initial consultation, the real magic begins as Gilbert + Burke enters the collaborative process to integrate your vision with our expertise.

Our interior designers work closely with you to sketch and conceptualize various elements.

We help you select color schemes, textures, and furnishings to match your interior design theme.

Next, we tap into our extensive network of top-tier suppliers and artisans to ensure every material chosen for your interior design is of the highest quality for your budget.

We strive to enrich your living experience through carefully planned and visually striking interior designs. This is where your vision begins to take shape and includes:

• Creating design drawings
• 2D/3D renderings
• Sourcing and reviewing samples
• Finishes and fixtures selection
• Spatial and amenities planning


Turning Your Vision into a Luxurious Interior Design

Gilbert + Burke’s final touches will come into play as your vision materializes through our collaborative process.

We provide a comprehensive review session where you can immerse yourself in 3D renderings and prototype models to ensure every detail aligns with your expectations.

Then, we coordinate the union of furnishings, art, and accessories, carefully installing each element to breathe life into your interior design.

To finalize the process, our interior designers provide a personal walkthrough to reveal your transformed space.

It’s the culmination of a creative process where your voice has been integral. The result is a finely tuned symphony of interior design elements that truly feels like a reflection of you.

During this phase, we help you:

• Finalize your interior’s design
• Optimize your budget
• Order materials, finishes, and furniture
• Create a comprehensive project timeline
• Secure building permits

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Interior Design FAQ’s

What is typically included with interior design?

Gilbert + Burke offers a wide range of services with our design hours. Interior design includes but is not limited to floor plans, 3D modelling, selection assistance/procurement, consultation on layout, sizing and placement and more! Want to know how we can help?Click here to start a discussion!

Is interior design regulated in Ontario?

Yes, interior design is regulated by the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario.

How do I know if I should hire a professional designer or do it myself?

If you are a person who has a hard time visualizing something without seeing it a designer could be very helpful for you. If you also find you are not interested in the aspect of design but know you want a comfortable space with certain requirements then a designer would also be the right choice. It is all to do with your comfort level and how much you want to be involved with the project and what level of support you require through the process. There are of course things that a regular person does not have access to that a designer can help facilitate like digital models to help show the space with ideas and concepts. Or we can run with an initial concept or idea and do all the leg work for you. A great designer should be able to meet you wherever you are in your process and help guide you along the way, whether that be a little bit or a lot.

Is there a difference between an “interior designer” and an “interior decorator”?
  1. An Interior Designer designs the overall layout and flow of a room, and Interior Decorator goes into the finite details (furniture, lamps, finishes, etc.)
  2. Yes! An interior designer is a regulated profession in Ontario and requires the individual to know about specific codes and regulations. Designers are typically trained in space planning, adjacencies, anthropometrics, ergonomics and the overall flow of the spaces. A decorator on the other hand is still a great resource to have but typically cannot go as in depth into your project as a designer. Both can be utilized for the visual aspects of a project such as furniture, materials and fixtures.
What is Gilbert + Burke’s general process for interior design?

It starts with an initial consultation with the interior designer and we discuss your goals, vision and lifestyle so we can get a better understanding of you and the project. After this meeting there is usually a take away for the clients, we need to know what your style is and usually ask for some visuals so our ideas of what you want are aligned. We then take your inspiration images and work with them to implement whatever part of the service you are looking for whether it be, space planning, material selections, or you’re looking for overall visuals for the entire space. Then we meet again and discuss and repeat until we are at a place you’re comfortable with.

Can Gilbert + Burke do the interior work after it is designed?

Yes! We have worked with many clients in the past after the design is completed to make it come true. We will even help you if you have the design done by another firm.

What questions should I expect to answer in the initial consultation meeting?
  1. You should be able to tell us how you envision using the space after the renovation/build is done, who is going to be occupying the space most frequently and less often. Will there be animals or small children using the space, how often? Are there any accessibility needs that we need to accomodate for: mobility, vision etc? What is your lifestyle, are you a snowbird or someone who works from home and envisions retiring at their lake front property? What are your long term goals with the property, is this your forever home? Is this where you plan on retiring? Lots of questions are asked and you shouldn’t feel shy to share what your plans are for your property as the more we know the better we can help make the space for you and your family!
Ken Jaquith Director Of Client Experience
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