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Cottage & Home Renovations in Ontario

Are you ready to bring your family’s vision to life with a
builder you can trust?

At Gilbert + Burke, our expert team designs and builds your dream renovation
that perfectly fits your family’s goals and helps build your family’s legacy.

For over 20 years, we have created stunning, unique renovations throughout
Ontario, helping each one of our clients experience a truly exceptional lifestyle space for
their family.

What Makes Gilbert + Burke Different?

We believe everyone building a custom luxury cottage or home deserves a builder whose process and experience delivers the exact design your family wants and helps build your family’s legacy.

That’s why we make sure every client experiences…

  • Exceptional communication
  • Expert interior & exterior design
  • Transparency in every step
  • 20+ years of custom building expertise

And all backed with the Gilbert + Burke brand and reputation

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Add functional living space
Perfectly designed to your style
Have optimal living & interior space
Know exactly what you’re getting
Increase your home’s value

We contracted the services of Gilbert & Burke Design and Build to renovate our existing cottage and then add on a major addition. The quality of the work was exceptional. Close attention was paid to details and they were proactive in identifying design options that saved time and money. G + B has a very creative, well seasoned and experienced team and provided all round great customer service. They were always responsive to our questions and very proactive in solving all construction issues.  We are extremely pleased with the end result.

B.W. and S.W.
Tiny, ON

We have been working with Gilbert + Burke over the last 3 years on the design and construction of our new home on Lake Simcoe. I think one of the most remarkable things is that as the project draws to a close, we will be sorry to say goodbye to the Team. We have very much enjoyed working with this team, even when the inevitable bumps in the road happened. We have never doubted that they had our best interest at heart, and knew they were working to give us the very best home they could within the budget. We love our new home and we have lots of good memories of working through the project. Thank you Gilbert + Burke for making our family dream a reality.

Lake Simcoe

Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of working alongside Gilbert + Burke on various projects. Gilbert + Burke's team is truly professional from the bid stage, down to the final completion. Questions are answered promptly, coordination between trades is spot on , communication through out the project is excellent, and the staff is always very friendly and happy to help however they may be needed.

Loretto, ON

The Gilbert + Burke is a team of truly talented individuals committed to the project for close to a full year. We encountered crumbling lathe and plaster, a bat colony in the attic and a tow-foot-high crawl space under the house. With each setback, Gilbert + Burke dug in their heels and found often ingenious solutions that spoke to their decades of experience and depth of character. The challenges were many but we really felt that Gilbert + Burke were as truly invested in our project as we were.

Baltimore, ON

Gilbert and Burke completed our cottage on Peninsula Lake in Huntsville in 2019. Their team lead by Brian Gilbert was outstanding. From permits to finishing touches, we were guided throughout the process. Our site super intendant took every detail of the cottage personally and was as proud of the results as we were. Their design team took great care to ensure that the cottage match our personalities and goals. Nothing was ever “cookie cutter”. Everything was designed to our thoughts and dreams. The team was flexible and communicated very effectively throughout the build. We do not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to build, renovate or fix.

B.J. and D.J.
Peninsula Lake

Having worked with Gilbert + Burke in the past, we knew that there was nobody else that we trusted in completing our dream. On this project, we tasked them with a tight deadline for completion and even with some setbacks in permits, they were able to deliver. Everybody that was associated with this project was so professional and committed to the end goal. The final result was more than a kitchen or a place to retire, but a warm and inviting place for friends and family to gather for many years to come.

A.W. and S.W.
Sturgeon Lake, ON

Gilbert + Burke have a professional approach through the entire project process from the first client meeting, to the preparation of a project budget, to establishing a build time-frame, and most importantly their commitment to organization and client communication, made all aspects of the build and enjoyable and rewarding experience. From the start through construction completion, delivery and deficiency resolution, Gilbert + Burke have proven that they are the ones who deliver your dream on time and on budget.

Balsam Lake

We really appreciated the prompt, friendly service. Brian Gilbert is an excellent representative and his integrity to get the job done at the cost and time projected is of great value. It was a pleasure doing business with Gilbert + Burke and I would highly recommend them to others.

Midhurst, ON

I have built three houses in the past and have worked with many contractors and sub contractors and this was the first time ever that I had one show up on time, do quality work, and within estimate. 3 out of 3, in my opinion.


Wonderful to work with. It was a pleasure to have them in our home and we are very pleased with the results. Looking forward to working with Gilbert + Burke in the future


My family and I are very pleased with the completed project on my house! It looks great! Just what it needed!

Bobcaygeon, ON

What a great team at Gilbert + Burke! They took our vision and transformed it into reality. We love our new space.

Haliburton, ON

The entire Gilbert + Burke team was a pleasure to work with. They were experienced, competent, and exceptionally organized.


Working with Gilbert + Burke was a pleasure. Their workmanship and thoughtfulness throughout the project was amazing.

Cannington, ON

The Ultimate Home Renovation Guide

Professional room-by-room advice for your next remodel

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So whether you’d like to learn how to:
  • Renovate your bedroom
  • Upgrade your bathroom
  • Remodel your kitchen
  • Get room-by-room home renovation tips

This guide is for you! Fill out the form now to get free home renovation tips and home renovation advice.

Need Home Renovation Tips and Advice?

It’s become clear that budgets for home renovations are on the rise — totalling $48.4 billion in 2015. In fact, Canadians are spending more money on renovations that on new builds, which tell us that there’s an accelerated trend towards home owners wanting to invest in turning their current homes into their dream 2016-04-15.pnghomes through renovation.

A renovation is a huge undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. This how-to free guide is meant to be practical, give you ideas and inspiration for your next project, and walk you through the process “ins and outs” of home renovation from the perspective of a professional.

The Ultimate Home Renovation Guide

Complete Cottage & Home Renovations In Ontario

Are you ready for your home or cottage to better reflect your family’s vision, needs, and goals?

We know the importance of customizing homes to match the desires of our clients.

Our design team will work with you to create logical and beautiful blueprints for your home renovation.

Home renovations often seem like cumbersome projects, but when managed well, they open up a world of design opportunities.

Our design and renovation teams at Gilbert + Burke promise to walk alongside you through every step of the process, from crafting design plans and working through each area needing renovation to add expansions with new rooms or spaces. 

Regardless of how extensive your home renovation is, we are dedicated to honest communication, renowned design, detailed project management, quality build from the ground up and strong adherence to timelines.

Maybe an updated kitchen with eco-conscious finishes, modernized bathrooms with new sinks and tubs, an expanded living room area with floor-to-ceiling windows, a basement renovation to give you more living space or an extra bedroom for a new addition to your family is what you’re hoping for. 

Our build team works efficiently to even allow clients to still live and function in their homes during the project, depending on the extensiveness of the project. 

We complete full clean-ups every day during construction and stay in touch with clients to keep them updated on all progress and milestones achieved.

We proudly use environmentally friendly elements in our design projects to craft stunning and sustainable homes. Unparalleled attention to detail and awareness of environmental surroundings is taken into account with each and every design. 

To get the renovated home your family deserves, get in touch with our team of professional designers and homebuilders today.


Renovations FAQ’s

What are typical parts of a home or cottage renovation?

The most common renovations come in the form of kitchens and bathrooms, but it doesn’t end there, it can incorporate much more than just these two rooms. Renovations are often the solution when a space in a home or cottage becomes dated or no longer functional. This is where Gilbert + Burke comes in. We can help update your space, while incorporating the functionality you are looking for.

Which renovations have the best resale value?

Renovating a home or cottage doesn’t affect the overall resale value, but rather increases or decreases the number of potential buyers. The more people your home appeals to, the greater the resale value.

Does Gilbert + Burke provide free estimates?

The first step in our process is to provide you with a Preliminary Budget Indication at no cost to you. The estimate itself comes later in the process after your design and selections are finalized.

Click here to start a discussion!

What is Gilbert + Burke’s renovation process?

Our process is different with every client and every project, as every client and every project is different.

The first step in our process is to have an initial conversation – book yours here.

Can Gilbert + Burke provide a renovation quote before I purchase a home or cottage?

The process of providing a “quote” is a very lengthy and detailed undertaking which typically cannot be done in a short timeframe.

On a case-by-case basis, we can provide some high-level guidance. Market conditions play a huge role in this.

Can Gilbert + Burke build an addition to my home or cottage as part of the renovating process?

Absolutely. If already renovating a space, why not maximize your reno with an addition to match the reno’d space!

What is the typical timeline for a home or cottage renovation?

The timeline is completely dependent on the scope of work. Some renovations can be as quick as 6-8 months from design to completion, while others can take considerably longer.

Do I need approval from the local building department to renovate an older home?

The need for permits depends entirely on the scope of work and the municipality involved. If the building is deemed a heritage site, it also comes with limitations and guidelines for renovations.

If my family plans to move in a few years, do you still recommend a home renovation?

Depends on the renovation. If the reno will make the space more usable for your family now, why not? It will only increase your love for the home and perhaps you won’t want to move.

What do you recommend not upgrading when renovating?

Original features of a home can add value and appeal. Things like exposed brick walls, crown moldings, and other architectural details – these are things some buyers look for when purchasing a new home.

Ken Jaquith Director Of Client Experience
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