7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors

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7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors 1

7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors

This summer is the perfect time to pay a little extra attention to that outdoor space of yours, from adding a garden to giving your door a fresh coat of paint.

As the summer rolls in, it’s the absolute perfect time to spend your days outdoors. Whether you love watching your kids run through the sprinklers or you prefer to spend nights on the porch with a chilled bottle of wine, there’s nothing better than being outside in a space you enjoy.

In addition to making your days and nights more enjoyable, taking the time to spruce up your outdoors is  great way to add value to both your days and the resale price of your home or cottage. This summer, use some of your time outdoors to add a little pizazz to your home. Here are 7 of our favourite ideas to refresh and energize your outdoor space:

7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors 2

1. Add some greenery

One of the quickest, easiest and least expensive ways to add to your outdoors is by adding in some plants and flowers. Whether you want to add a simple hanging plant outside your front door or you decide to plant a new garden of fresh florals, a trip to the plant nursery can lead to massive changes in just a few hours.

7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors 3

2. Refresh your outdoor siding, trim and fixtures

Instantly facelift your outdoor space by upgrading any dingy trim or siding on your home. Over time, dirt can build up and destroy the pizazz that once glimmered outside your home. You’ll be amazed at what just a little bit of replacement can do to the appearance of your home once you take the time to do it, so focus on one small area at a time! You can go big and replace siding, or take smaller steps by replacing window trim or light fixtures.

7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors 4

Source: HGTV.com

3. Add a fresh coat of paint

The absolute quickest way to completely and totally transform the outside of your home is with a can of paint. Create some beautiful juxtaposition outside your home by painting your door or window trim a fresh colour, or embrace a huge project by completely changing the colour of your home or cottage.

7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors 5

4. Install new lighting

Mood lighting is a real thing, even outdoors! Changing or updating your lighting outdoors is a great way to change the vibe in your outdoor space, whether you’re wanting to add something like twinkle lights or whether you’re wanting to install some new fixtures. Just by adding in some new lighting, you can invite more space for conversation, add layers of ambience to your yard and update the space.

7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors 6

5. Extend your deck

If you’re in the mood for a more time-intensive project, add some more space for parties, gathering and outdoor meals by extending your deck. By extending your deck and building out your outdoor space, you’ll make the area more versatile to your needs by giving you more room to enjoy it all!

7 Ideas to Spruce Up Your Outdoors 7

6. Replace your eavestroughs

While you may forget that your eavestroughs exist, they’re an important thing to pay attention to. Without proper eavestrough maintenance, you’ll face cracks, rot and mildew in your home — not to mention lowered efficiency during summer storms. Replacing your eavestroughs is a relatively simple way to do a small facelift, and the benefits are great.

7. Dress up your porch

If you’re looking for an easy project that you can do in an afternoon, spend some time rearranging and updating your patio and porch. You can look into buying some new furniture for your outdoor area, or just add some small things to your space like a string of lights or a new pot for your plants.

At Gilbert + Burke, we love helping you to elevate your indoor and outdoor spaces. This summer, bring us in for help on your outdoor renovations, whether you’re wanting to update siding, install new trim, extend your deck, change the surface of your porch or add on to your home. If you’re not looking for an actual renovation project, G+B’s interior design services are a great way to conceptualize and implement any ideas you have for the design of your outdoor space.

From big renovations to small touch-ups, we’re here to help your outdoor space become the oasis you’ve been looking for. Contact us today to set up a consultation, and we’ll get to work on creating an outdoor space perfect for your summer, fall, winter AND spring nights.

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