7 Must-Knows for Your Bathroom Remodel

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7 Must-Knows for Your Bathroom Remodel 1

7 Must-Knows for Your Bathroom Remodel

From budgets to flooring, here are some of our best bathroom remodelling tips.

When it comes to creating a true oasis of a home, so much of it comes down to your bathroom. From deep tubs, to steam showers, to heated floors, there are so many pieces to the ultimate bathroom — and bathroom remodels are often a huge piece of that puzzle. Whether you’re gutting your bathroom or just making some smaller switches, there are a few things you must know to have the best bathroom remodel you can.

Here’s how to make the most of it with 7 of our go-to bathroom remodelling tips:

  1. Be realistic about your bathroom remodel budget.

Just like with any other remodel, a bathroom remodel can be a pricy endeavour — but totally worth it, too! Whether you’re prepping your home for a sale or you’re adjusting for fun, do some serious market research to find out what your ideas and additions might end up costing you. According to Home Depot, most bathroom remodels start at around $5,000 for minor repainting and replacing fixtures — so be sure you’re ready for the investment.

As you build your bathroom remodel budget, keep these things in mind:

  • Where can I afford to splurge (and cut back) in my bathroom remodel?
  • What are my non-negotiables in my remodel?
  • Do I need to shift any plumbing or knock down any walls?
  • Am I comfortable with my budget increasing during the project? (You never know what’s behind the wall until you open it up!)
  1. Remember accessibility!

Tiny details matter big-time in bathrooms, and accessibility in your bathroom remodel is something to keep top of mind. Accessibility doesn’t necessarily mean in-shower seating, though it can — but also includes things like making sure you have enough plugs, leaving space for a walk-in shower during the remodel or in the future and even ensuring that there is enough room to move around comfortably (and safely) in the bathroom.

  1. Think about bathroom flooring.

The flooring in your bathroom matters, and can be a huge factor in the durability (and enjoyability!) of your bathroom remodel. There are tons of flooring options to choose from when you’re remodelling your bathroom, from tile to concrete to vinyl. While a lot of it is up to your taste, you’ll want to choose a flooring that stands up to water, stands up to humidity and stands up to time. We’d recommend you definitely avoid choosing carpet or hardwood flooring in your bathroom remodel, but the rest is up to you!

  1. Don’t shy away from luxe bathroom touches.

While sticking to your budget is an important piece of your bathroom remodel, it’s always a good thing to leave room for extra luxury touches to truly take the room to the next level. When you think about it, bathrooms are an incredibly important piece of your home — so why not give them a little extra something? Here are some of our favourite luxe bathroom remodel additions:

  • Add a heated floor into your bathroom remodel plans for a cozy out-of-bath experience.
  • Elevate your space with a steam shower — or even just a really wonderful showerhead.
  • Dimmable lighting can instantly create a more spa-like environment in your bathroom.
  • Unique tile designs are a relatively inexpensive addition to your bathroom remodel plans.
  • Add the illusion of a bigger bathroom with floor-to-ceiling mirrors.
  1. Use every inch of space in your bathroom remodel.

When you’re working on a bathroom model, it can be easy to get caught up in the big picture. However, don’t forget about the little details that can really take away or add to your bathroom’s space. There are several ways you can truly maximize space in your bathroom remodel, from adding recessed spaces and shelving all the way to completely switching up the floor plan. You can also consider adding pull-down shelves or hidden storage underneath the sink.

  1. Focus on your bathroom’s lighting options.

Great lighting is always important, but it’s extra important in your bathroom. To truly create a haven within your home, you’ll want lighting that truly goes the extra mile to elevate each and every one of your daily activities, starting with getting ready for work. In bathrooms, we’re a big fan of dimmable lighting (especially over the bathtub), making natural lighting and windows a focal point and choosing beautiful fixtures. While you don’t need anything fancy, don’t forget about the importance of bathroom lighting — it matters!

  1. Find the right contracting partner for the remodel job.

Our #1 bathroom remodel tip? To find the right partner for the job. From settling on a budget to ensuring craftsmanship, you’ll want to choose a building and design team that can understand your vision and help your dreams come true. When you’re searching for the right builder for your bathroom remodel in Ontario’s Cottage Country, Gilbert + Burke is your best bet. Otherwise, be sure to look for a team that has a great portfolio, excellent referral recommendations and impeccable customer service.

Interested in starting your next project? Get an immediate estimate with us here. In the meantime, download our Ultimate Home Renovation Guide — your first step for starting the very best bathroom remodel.

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