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The Best Biking Trails in Southern Georgian Bay 1

The Best Biking Trails in Southern Georgian Bay

These are our favourite places for a bike ride in Southern Georgian Bay.

At Gilbert + Burke, we spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors in one of our favourite places — Southern Georgian Bay. As a beautiful place to build, the area around the bay is also a beautiful place to explore, to live and to be outside. One of the best ways to explore the region? Lacing up those shoes, tightening those helmets and setting off on a nice bike ride.

Photo Credit: Discover Muskoka

Whether you’re a pro cyclist or a leisurely bike rider, Southern Georgian Bay is home to many winding trails and routes perfect for your bicycle. We’ve rounded up some of our very favourites, from simpler routes meant for beginners to trickier trails for the pro cyclists, so be safe and get going!

Our favourite Southern Georgian Bay Bike Trails:

North Simcoe Rail Trail: The North Simcoe Rail Trail — which connects at the Tiny Trail to the north and the Ganaraska Trail in the south — is 47 kilometres each way an easy ride full of beautiful views for every cyclist. It’s also built well for cycling, full of plenty of packed gravel that allows for a smoother ride.

The 7 Beaches Route: This stunning trail is a must-do for every cyclist in Southern Georgian Bay, as it stays true to its name! Starting at Wasaga Beach and traversing through 6 other beaches on its way, this 60 km trail is a beautiful biking experience for every rider. We’d recommend stopping along the way for a swim!

Iron Bridge Route: This scenic bike route is a little bit of everything — from the beach to mountains to valleys to the Iron Bridge itself — and the 35 km route is a moderately difficult ride for somewhat experienced bikers looking for a fun shake-up. The views are stunning, and the ride shows some of the very best of Southern Georgian Bay.

The Georgian Trail: This trail is full of absolutely beautiful views of Southern Georgian Bay, and the 34 km route (each way) is an easy ride stocked with plenty of spots to look out in awe at Mother Earth herself. The trail is full of access points to hop on and hop off and is an excellent choice for all.

Ganaraska Trail: As one of the prettiest trails in Ontario, the Ganaraska Trail is a great scenic biking route. At a total of 60 kilometres, the trail has plenty of options and routes to take. Whether you’re an advanced biker or a novice cyclist, this trail is for you — and it’s the perfect choice for a relaxing ride.

As proud residents and builders in the beautiful Ontario, we have a special appreciation for the people and nature in one of our favourite areas, Southern Georgian Bay. Plus, we’re always ready to explore the land around us on two cycling wheels. Be sure to give us a call if you’re looking to build a home in the area.

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