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Build a Luxury Cottage in Muskoka 1

Build a Luxury Cottage in Muskoka

At Gilbert + Burke, we love nothing more than to help you build a luxury cottage in Muskoka — and here’s why.

From fall leaves to winter snow, to spring sunshine and everything in between, Muskoka is always one of the brightest, most beautiful, and most special areas in the province. From the Bay to the Lake to the woods, Muskoka creates a picturesque environment for each and every lucky resident (and visitor).

At Gilbert + Burke, we build luxury cottages in Muskoka regularly… and we love every second of it. We truly believe that Muskoka is one of the most unique and special spots on earth, and we’re here to help you create luxury cottage magic of your own.

Why build luxury cottages in Muskoka?

Muskoka itself is a nature oasis for anyone who visits or lives there, whether they’re spending their days underneath white pine or paddling through Georgian Bay. From the shores of Lake Muskoka to the ground under your feet, we build luxury cottages in Muskoka because we know how natural and serene it really is there.

Our Gilbert + Burke team is especially partial to Muskoka for more reasons than we can even describe — and it’s the loveliest spot every day, no matter if it’s a sunny spring Saturday or a crisp fall Friday. With tons of trees, hiking paths, inlets and lakes — not to mention 30,000 islands — we think that those who want to build a luxury cottage in Muskoka are the luckiest people around.

Why should you trust Gilbert + Burke to build your luxury cottages in Muskoka?

Wondering why you should trust our G + B team to build your luxury Muskoka cottage? Our years of experience building luxury cottages in Muskoka speak to so much more than our expertise — they speak to our passion for our clients, too. We’re so thankful and grateful to be able to call Muskoka home, and it brings us huge levels of excitement to help people build luxury cottages in Muskoka, too.

Here’s the thing: luxury cottages, when built by the right people, can and will last for generations. From the memories you’ll make to the relationships you’ll nourish, every single architectural detail matters — but, more than that so does a quality team who values your insight. With a unique, client-first approach to each and every build we embark on, you’ll build more than just a luxury cottage — you’ll build a home.

Build a Luxury Cottage in Muskoka 2

The Gilbert + Burke luxury cottage build process

At Gilbert + Burke, our process uses a unique blend of architectural expertise, design excellence, next-level customer service and collaboration to build luxury cottages that go the extra mile. No matter if you’re building luxury cottages in Muskoka or boathouses on Lake Simcoe, our team is dedicated to you each and every step of the way. We start with a customer consultation that digs into your vision and needs, using it to build out beautiful blueprints — and, in turn, luxury cottages — that capture our collaborative vision.

As a communicative, organized design-build firm, the Gilbert + Burke process is geared towards stunning results with a transparent, compassionate background. Building luxury cottages in Muskoka is just one of the things we love so much, and we’ll be by your side from permit procurement to the final shingle. Ready to start crafting your ultimate luxury cottage? We’re ready for you.

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