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Building a Custom Home 1

Building a Custom Home

There are benefits to building a custom home, from financial control to ultimate personalization

So, you might want to build a home. More than that, you want to build your dream home. But, there is tons of information out there when it comes to building a custom home or buying an existing one.

Does that sound like you? We get it.

Typically, we see clients in one of two camps regarding moving and creating a new living space: either they want to build a custom home or completely unsure if it’s a good idea.

Building a custom home can lead to greater flexibility in the entire process, both financially and aesthetically, and can help you truly create your own dream home from the ground up.

Building a Custom Home 2

Benefits of custom home building

The benefits of custom home building are huge, whether you love home design or you’re looking for a way to have a more significant hand in your future home. The way we see it, building a custom home is truly the best of both worlds — not only do you get to put extra thought and care into your living space, but you also can manage your vision (and your finances) in a way that doesn’t exist with buying an already built home.

We often hear at Gilbert + Burke that people are wary of choosing a custom home builder because it seems expensive — but that’s not necessarily true. When you’re searching for an already existing home, your budget is more limiting. Instead of choosing where you want to invest your money, you’re stuck searching for a home designed within your budgetary restrictions. When building a custom home, you decide where you want to spend your money — which gives you a result you’re happier with.

The best thing about building a custom home is just that: it’s custom. From your living room and your dining room to your appliances and your paint colors, building a custom home allows you to make decisions that otherwise can’t be made — or, at least, allows you to make decisions that can only be made with an expensive remodel.

Finding a custom home builder to trust

When building a custom home, there are three things to keep in mind: you can determine a budget, your wildest dreams   y come true, and you can be the decision-maker. Starting with the cost per square foot to the finishes you choose for your countertops, building a custom home is a truly incredible experience.


The key? Finding the right builder. Without one, your custom home experience can quickly become a poor one. Here’s what to look for when choosing a builder:

  • Does the builder share your vision?
  • Does the builder promote sustainability and environmental appreciation?
  • Does the builder have a history of positive reviews and high-quality builds?
  • Does the builder have a portfolio that reflects similar projects?
  • Does the builder have a plan for staying on budget?

When it comes to builders in the Ontario Cottage Country, Gilbert + Burke has you covered. As the top choice for discerning clientele throughout the Muskoka and Kawarthas, we’re industry leaders for a reason. Download our Ultimate Guide to Designing Your Home & Cottage today, and get an instant estimate on your project.

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