Building a Home: Start to Finish Series Part 4: Build - Foundations

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Building a Home: Start to Finish Series Part 4: Build - Foundations 1

Building a Home: Start to Finish Series Part 4: Build – Foundations

In part four of our Building a Home: Start to Finish series, you’ll see what it looks like for your project to begin to take shape.

As we’ve all been able to see during the Cottage by the Lake series, home building can be a long, arduous, exhausting process. From collecting permits and finalizing drawings to budget meetings and project development agreements, it can seem like the path to an actual hammer and nail is impossible. However, the time for the nail to hit the drywall always eventually happens. When it came to this build — a two-story, four bedroom home with a covered porch and a screened porch — construction finally began in June 2018.

First order of business? The demolition process! When it came to the Cottage by the Lake, this meant that we demolished the existing cottage and the old boathouse on site. Most builds don’t require demolition; however, some new builds definitely require it. After the existing home is demolished, next up is excavation and the laying of the foundation, backfill and temporary driveways. After those base tasks are completed, we can begin work on the general framing of the home and placing windows and the exterior door installation. While the entire process might seem long, the beginning of the actual hammer-to-nail process moves much more quickly.

Building a Home: Start to Finish Series Part 4: Build - Foundations 2

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After the foundation has been poured and the roof and framing is done, we’ll move into more of the nitty-gritty. It’s time to place the insulation, pour the basement floor and then install siding, soffit, fascia and exterior stone work. Fireplaces are then installed, and rough-ins for plumbing, electrical and heating. We’ll also need to install the septic, the well and electric connections to power. Then, insulation will begin to be applied to the home walls and ceilings, and afterwards, we’ll add the wall and ceiling claddings.

Building a Home: Start to Finish Series Part 4: Build - Foundations 3View the entire project Cottage by the Lake 

At this point in the building stage, we’re finally able to see progress. Though we won’t necessarily be able to see beautiful little details at this point in building, we are all able to see the true beginnings of a new home. From having a stable foundation to walk on to having a fireplace to drink tea by, stage four in the home building process is where you can finally begin to see your plans come to life.

As we’ve shown in our home building series, building a home isn’t always sunshine and daisies. However, it’s always worth it, especially when your new home begins to take shape. We know that the process is a lot to take on, which is why our team here at Gilbert + Burke is your perfect partner. We’re all about the painstaking detail over here, taking care to lay each piece of hardwood and each little detail so you don’t have to. After all, your new home may be your vision — but it’s our job. Let us bring the drawings of your wildest imagination to life.

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