Convert An Empty Nest Into A Fulfilling New Space

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Convert An Empty Nest Into A Fulfilling New Space 1

Convert An Empty Nest Into A Fulfilling New Space

As your life goes through periods of change and transition, so too does the space  you live in. You may have purchased a four-bedroom home to make space for the needs of a young family. Perhaps you once required a large backyard to host soccer games, birthday and summer swimming parties.

But what happens to these spaces as your life changes? Children grow up and move away and all of a sudden the function and style of their bedroom is no longer a fit within the new heartbeat of your home. It can be an emotional detachment, and the question of how (and when) to convert the space is often a difficult one.

The space needs to evolve, just as your family, lifestyle and even aspirations have. There are creative ways to turn the empty nest into a place that fulfills your current and future needs. Always remodel spaces in your home with a purpose in mind.

A Place to Inspire and Support Hobbies

Many people yearn for a space within their home that fosters the growth and passion for a certain hobby. Maybe it’s a music or painting studio, a library and journaling nook, a yoga room or a place to exercise. These are custom spaces, completely tailored to your interests. It’s important to remember that not everyone will want a yoga studio in their home. Consider resale-ability in your decision to convert a space into something out of the ordinary. But don’t let that deter you from creating a dream hobby room. It’s best to remodel with flexibility in mind. Could this space easily be turned back into, or used as, a guest room?

A Stylish Space to Find Work-Life Balance

One of the most common empty nest flips is from bedroom to home office. Without knocking down any walls, you can turn a teens room into a peaceful work-from-home space. There are certain ergonomic, functional, and “feng shui” considerations to keep in mind – a bedroom is designed to be different from an office. For example, you may not need a full-sized closet, and could reclaim the square footage to accommodate a larger desk, more seating or custom shelving. Make sure that there is ample natural light, this may require new windows that maximize light, and the view from your desk. The most common desk chairs have wheels – that means carpeting is not always the best flooring option. Look into hardwood or laminate and warm the space with a stylish floor rug.

A Dream Suite to Entertain and Host Guests

Guest suites are quickly becoming a modern room conversion trend. Instead of simply having two guest rooms, people are choosing to knock down the walls between and turn the two space into one grand suite to accommodate guests more luxuriously. The extra space allows for a large ensuite bathroom, spa, reading nook, kitchenette, or dressing room – treating your guests with hotel-comparable comfort and accommodations. This is an ideal remodel if you have a large family, friends from out-of-town, or anticipate longer stays with grown-children, spouses and grandchildren. Consider the use, first and foremost. An ensuite bathroom or spa will require custom plumbing, and likely new walls or windows. A large closet may or may not be necessary, therefore, the space might be better utilized for a reading nook, an extra window, or even a television.

A room conversion or remodel is a way to embrace a fresh start without moving. Sometimes, the best decision is to use the space you have, just in a way that better suits your lifestyle.

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