Taking the Steps Now to Enjoy Your Summer at the Lake

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Taking the Steps Now to Enjoy Your Summer at the Lake 1

Taking the Steps Now to Enjoy Your Summer at the Lake

In the midst of harsh wintertime, nothing sounds better than sunshine, lake water, and warm evenings watching the sun go down over the lake. If you spend your summers at a lake house, you might find yourself counting the days until the glorious season of sunny outside adventures arrives. And we can’t blame you.

Taking the Steps Now to Enjoy Your Summer at the Lake 2Summer holds the chance for so much excitement, endless adventure, and family activities. It’s the time of year where a busy day means boating, fishing, hiking, and setting up by a campfire, rather than clocking hours at your desk and sitting in on back-to-back meetings. Even though it’s the smack-dab middle of winter, you can start preparing your lake cottage for summertime fun right this instant.

In fact, take a winter getaway to the lake house, and start prepping your vacation home for long weeks and weekends at the lake this summer. There are several things you can do over the next month or two to prepare your lake house for optimal fun, and minimal chores (and headaches from any potential breaks, leaks, or mishaps that you could take care of now).

Keep reading to find out the best steps you can take now to get ready to enjoy and maximize your summer at the lake.

Fix any broken appliances or structural problems

It might seem easier to fix the washing machine or dishwasher when you visit for longer periods, say in the summertime, but this thinking could land you in trouble. If an appliance is leaking or has electrical issues, it could lead to far more disastrous problems down the road.

Plus, those foundation issues, plumbing problems, cracks in the tile, or other structural concerns may not seem like a big deal, either, but after a long and chilly winter, they might escalate into full-blown crisis. Start planning and taking care of even the littlest of issues now to avoid seriously destructive problems down the line.

Find the time to fix any these hiccups around your lake house for the sake of saving yourself from further, more expensive, and more time-consuming problems in the future. This will also allow you to enjoy your time at your cottage over the summer, rather than spending your vacation time stressing out about funding and fixing any appliance or structural issues.

Taking the Steps Now to Enjoy Your Summer at the Lake 3

Determine if any areas of the cottage should be renovated

This is a prime time of year to start considering changes you may want to make to your lake house! Whether you want to open up the living area, modernize the kitchen, revamp the backyard, or do a full remodel of the entire home, now is the perfect time to begin visualizing and planning your design concepts.

Many construction teams like to begin working on new reno projects during the winter, as this is typically viewed as a less busy season with the holidays and cooler temperatures. Take advantage of these slower months and start picking out inspiration and developing design plans with a trusted construction team. Plus, there’s nothing more dreamy and exciting than spending cold winter days coming up with the designs and plans to make your summer home into the lake house you and your family have always dreamed of having.

Before you know it, your summers could be spent in a picture-perfect, personalized haven. Maybe you adore sprawling covered patios, floor-to-ceiling windows, massive granite-topped kitchen islands, claw-foot bathtubs, or white-oak floors throughout your ideal home. Whatever your dream lake home might look like, take the time this winter to visualize, find inspiration, and plan the construction process for your summer lake house vision to come to life.

Let our team help you get your lake home ready for the best summer (and summers to come) ever. Whether it’s new construction, a remodel of one or a few specific rooms, or fixing significant structural issues that need to be taken care of as soon as possible, Gilbert + Burke provides exceptional home building and remodelling services. We are committed to integrity, honesty, and quality work.

If your summer lake house is in need of a tune-up or renovation, we would be honoured to provide our professional and incomparable construction and design services for your cottage. We always strive to deliver high-quality results on budget and on time. Contact our team to get a custom quote and start your lake house renovation today.

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