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10 Professional Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Canadian Bathroom 1

10 Professional Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Canadian Bathroom

The True North deserves truly stunning bathrooms, so we’ve gathered the top 10 bathroom renovation trends and given them a uniquely Canadian twist!

1. Underfloor heating
. Even in the summer, Canadian temperatures can change rather quickly, so keep your toes cozy with underfloor heating! The Nuheat system is both waterproof and easily concealed, plus consider adding baseboard heaters for backup. Besides the warmth, underfloor heating is a great way to increase your ROI. Warmth win-win!

2. An outdoor shower. The perfect way to enjoy Canada’s beautiful long summer days and nights, showering in the great outdoors is a uniquely memorable experience. Start by making sure you have the space: indoor showers can be 3ft by 3ft, but outdoors you’d want about 5ft by 5ft. Check your sightlines for absolute privacy, and then tackle the plumbing. Consider supply and drainage, and make sure there’s no rigid connection between the outdoor and indoor shower. Remember that the runoff water is grey water, so will need to go into the septic system or a leaching pit.

10 Professional Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Canadian Bathroom 2

3. Bold accent walls and floors.Create an eye-catching wall or floor to off-set neutral walls and serve as a focal point. Think patterned porcelain tiles on the floor (perhaps in a Canadian plaid?) or hang a large painting by your favourite Canadian artist as a mural. Just be sure to protect your painting from the bathroom humidity: choose a painting on acid-free or sturdier archival materials if possible, varnish where possible, or at least protect prints behind glass (but not touching the glass) to make sure no moisture seeps in.

4. Bring the outside in. This current trend in bathroom decor couldn’t be more perfect for a Canadian bathroom! If you’re able, add big windows so people can feel a part of the beautiful northern Canadian landscape. Just be mindful of heatings costs as windows lose a lot, and check all sightlines for privacy. Or, just bring some smooth river rocks and bathroom-friendly greenery like ferns and aloe to add some naturally gorgeous decor.

10 Professional Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Canadian Bathroom 3

5.Minimalism. Simplicity is very on-trend right now. Think smooth, sculptural lines, very little ornamentation and clutter, and sleek fixtures like wall-mounted sinks and streamlined one-piece toilets. Minimalism is also heavily inspired by nature and its textures, making it perfect for Canadians. Incorporate beautiful accents of natural hardwood, or include a natural stone wall inspired by The Canadian Shield.

6.Eco-friendliness.More than just a buzzword, an eco-friendly bathroom can help you do your part to preserve the beautiful Canadian wilderness. A Drain Water Heat Recovery System is a wonder of recycling, recovering the heat from water going down the drain, then using it to preheat cold water going into the hot water tank or for other purposes (depending on codes and regulations.)

7. Functional storage. Trendy AND practical, functional storage is a must for bathrooms big and small. Focus on unused corners, heights, open ledge storage and any areas below eye-level as potential storage areas. After all, you’ll need a place to store the towels, the swimming towels, the mosquito spray, the first-aid kits, the sunscreen, the aloe vera, and all the other Canadian summer essentials!

10 Professional Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Canadian Bathroom 4

8. Neutral styles + organic accents. Neutrals are huge in bathrooms this year, with greys and beiges featuring heavily, and decorated with organic accents. Honour Canada’s 5th biggest export by incorporating raw or live-edge wood shelving or consider weathered pine flooring and beams. For decor, scavenge some fallen birchbark as decor, incorporate vintage plumbing fixtures, or accent the beige with pops of bright greenery from indoor plants.

9. A Spa-like atmosphere. A big 2018 trend in bathrooms is what’s being called ‘escapist bathrooms’; Essentially, creating a little spa in your own home or cottage. You can emulate the spa experience with soft, muted lighting, lots of soft luxe textures, and big deep soaking tubs. Considering how many visitors the average Canadian cottager gets, you’ll appreciate having your private oasis when you need to get away from someone else’s getaway!

10 Professional Tips To Consider When Renovating Your Canadian Bathroom 5

10. Tiled shower with glass walls.Turn your shower into a feature with tiles and glass walls! A tile mosaic makes for a stunning backsplash, and while ceramic and stone are lovely options, consider using glass tiles to reflect the light and brighten the space, plus coloured glass tiles add beautiful colour. Then, add glass panels as walls to show off your tiles and create a sense of openness – just make sure to pretreat the glass to prevent limescale build-up. Plus, if you’ve decorated your bathroom with classic Canadiana like the HBC stripes or natural wood or stone accents, you’ll always be able to take in their beauty – even from the shower!

From the entryway to the basement, our free eBook takes you through renosroom-by-roomso the rest of your place can look as great as your bathroom!

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