Our Favourite Fall Decor Ideas

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Our Favourite Fall Decor Ideas 1

Our Favourite Fall Decor Ideas

These fall decor ideas will take your house to “boo”-tiful in no time at all!

The leaves are changing, the air is crisp and fall is on its way. Decorating for the seasons is always fun, but there’s just something about decorating for the fall that’s just particularly cozy. From Halloween days and pumpkin spice lattes to Thanksgiving gatherings and the colouring of the leaves, we’re big fans of fall at Gilbert + Burke. With these easy and impressive fall decor ideas, your home or cottage will be ready to welcome in the cooler air and spiced smells right alongside you.

We’ve rounded up our favourite ways to add in simple and beautiful fall decor, from DIY projects and easy centrepieces to our favourite cozy fabrics and simple front porch additions. With these fall decor ideas, your home or cottage will be the best dressed on the block—inside and out.

Add some coziness to your indoors:

As fall rolls in, so does the cooler weather. By adding in cozy fabrics and warmth into your home or cottage, you’ll prep for fall in more ways than one. Some of our favourite ways at Gilbert + Burke to add in coziness are simple, too.

Consider inviting in throw blankets and throw pillows onto your couch or into your bedroom with chunky knits, jewel-tone velvets and plaid fleece. Fall scents are a favourite, too—so burn pumpkin apple candles, add wall plug-ins that smell like leaves, and burn incense that reminds you of the crisp air. With these tiny little changes, your home will be so incredibly comfortable that you won’t even want to go outside.

Get creative with centrepieces:

One of the most simple and stunning fall decor ideas? Adding centrepieces. By adding in a variety of centrepiece ideas to your table that you can change up whenever you’d like, you can quickly and majorly change your space.

For an easy centrepiece, you can use a seasonal bouquet of flowers, a long ivy decorated with craft pumpkins, candles nestled in Halloween candy or even a collection of fruit like apples on top of a jewel-toned tablecloth. As luxury home builders, we know the power of a gorgeous decoration—but an awful lot can be said for simple decor as well.

Embrace a DIY project:

Regardless of how crafty (or not) that you are, doing some DIY projects in your home is a great way to embrace your inner creativity and even get the family involved. While complicated DIY’s have their time and place, we’re a fan of the simple ones here at Gilbert + Burke.

Whether you want to paint a pumpkin, knit a blanket, create a wreath or make a fall-themed garland, spending an afternoon creating something warm and happy for your home or cottage is the best way to fill up your day. Check out Pinterest for some other ideas, or simply trust your intuition. You’re more creative than you might think!

Our Favourite Fall Decor Ideas 2


Elevate your front porch for the seasons:

The quickest way to up the decor level of your home all comes down to your front porch. As the centrepiece of your home’s exterior and the most welcoming piece of your outdoors, adding in fall decor to your front porch is easy and powerful. Add in seasonal flora and fauna, decorate pumpkins, add a stunning fall wreath or even paint your front door a seasonal colour. The investment? Low. The impact? High.

We love the crisp scent of apples in the air at Gilbert + Burke, and we love welcoming in the fall season—even though it seems to be over in a flash. However, regardless of the season, you never have to stop looking for ways to elevate your cottage or home decor. Download our Guide to Turn Your Cottage into the Ultimate Home, and happy decorating!

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