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5 Tips to Get Your Cottage Summer Ready 1

5 Tips to Get Your Cottage Summer Ready

From the dock to the air conditioning units, here’s how to make sure your cottage is prepped for summer.

When the weather gets warmer and the water starts to beckon, we all know what it means — that cottage season is coming! As soon as we can leave home and start to plan for summer and prep your trips to the cottage, it’s important to make sure that your cottage is summer ready, too. From checking out your water pumps and making sure no creatures have snuck in to re-anchoring your dock and stocking up on sunscreen, we have you covered with the five things you need to get your cottage summer-ready.

  1. Remember the water.

Whether your cottage is perched right off the lake or your dock hasn’t been looked at in a while, make sure that you don’t neglect the good ole’ H20 in and around your cottage. Reposition and re-anchor your dock to make sure that it’s safe for all of your summer activities, ensure that your water, water pump and water heater turn on and are in good condition, and do a walk-through check to make sure that you don’t have any water damage that you hadn’t noticed before.

  1. Spring clean for the summer.

If you haven’t been at the cottage for a while, there’s a good chance that you have quite a few things to do to make sure your cottage is summer-ready. From sweeping up debris in and outside your cottage to cleaning up windows and clearing out door frames, take the time to tidy up and scrub down the cottage. By keeping it clean, you’ll feel more at home — and you’ll encourage more leisure and happiness at your place.

  1. Get your appliances ready.

No matter what appliances you have in your cottage, there’s a good chance that they need a diagnostic check and a clean-up before you start using them again this summer. Check all of the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, ensure that your refrigerator is clean, free of old food and in working condition, and consider a chimney sweep and furnace inspection.

  1. Search for any critters.

You love hanging out at your cottage — and, chances are, so do unwanted critters like mice and bugs. Do a visual inspection of your cottage to keep an eye out for any rodent droppings or burrowing holes, and check the corners of your rooms and garages to make sure there are no nests or critter evidence waiting for you. We’d also always recommend that you take special care to check areas like cabinets, ovens and fireplaces.

  1. Prep for summer fun.

The most important piece of getting your cottage ready for summer? Make sure that you’re prepared for all of the summer fun you, your family and your guests can have! Stock up on food, sunscreen and bug spray, fuel up your boats and jetskis and grab a fun new welcome mat for your porch. After all, what’s a great cottagewithout summer fun?

Are you ready to remodel that stunning cottage of yours? We love nothing more than a beautiful, joyful cottage during the summer — well, and all year-round — and we’d love to help you create your dream leisure destination. At Gilbert + Burke, we’re the top choice for discerning clientele looking tobuild stunning lifestyle spaces, and we’re ready to build yours.

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