Home Improvement Trends: Bathrooms

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Home Improvement Trends: Bathrooms 1

Home Improvement Trends: Bathrooms

There’s likely no room in your house that you bare it all in more than your bathroom. That being the case, you’ll want to be as comfortable and at ease as possible. As you’ll see from the following list, recent design trends for the bathroom make sure you’ll be able to relax in supreme comfort, surrounded by aesthetics that soothe your senses.

A freestanding bathtub with ornate feet sits beneath a square mirror.

Freestanding Tubs

Whether it’s the classic look of a tub with claw-feet or a more modern design that sits flush with the floor, freestanding tubs are proving very popular again. While it takes up more space than a tub that’s fixed to the wall, the centerpiece arrangement gives your bathroom a gorgeous appearance and elevates your bathing experience.

Home Improvement Trends: Bathrooms 2

Deluxe Showers

In addition to bathtubs, showers with greater space and functionality are a big trend at the moment. Besides their seating areas and larger size, sophisticated features like enclosed steam showers, multiple high-tech body sprays, and water jets make these showers that much more of a major statement piece. Plus, they serve as a canvas for tile patterns to express your personal tastes.

Bathtub sitting next to wall of black honeycomb tiles, with a zigzagging row of light tiles running along center of the wall.

Honeycomb Tiles

Speaking of tiling, one of the most popular bathroom trends is the honeycomb tile pattern. Whether as flooring or on your walls, these interlocking hexagons give your bathroom an attractive appearance that also offers plenty of opportunity to play with unique colour patterns.


Round Mirrors

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…as far as bathroom ones go, the style in recent years has been round and, more often than not, a little oversized. Even though it’s a shape you’ll see in many new bathrooms, there’s no shortage of variety when it comes to how you can customize the fixture. Framed or bare. Ornate or rustic. However you dress it up, a round mirror tends to contrast with a lot of right angles, adding a grand, elegant character to your bathroom space.


Ease of Use and Space

With all of these features to consider, their harmonious placement becomes a feature in and of itself. Curbless, glass-curtained showers give the impression of a larger space, and their aforementioned seating makes showering easier and more comfortable. Adding to this sense of free movement, bathrooms that don’t have any thresholds to step over will allow for maximum accessibility. Not only does it make for a more functional space, it can even increase the value of your home. Plus, besides looking sleek and stylish, floating vanities can be placed at a height that’s convenient to your particular needs.

Just considering this handful of recent trends, there are plenty of options for you to customize your bathroom to satisfy your comfort expectations. Not only will they help you design and build to your preferred function, but also give it a gorgeous form in which you’ll want to immerse yourself.

And if these trends got you envisioning something luxurious for your home, check out our look at some of the latest design trends for your master bedroom.

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