Home Improvement Trends: Master Bedroom

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Home Improvement Trends: Master Bedroom

Along with the kitchen, your master bedroom is one of the most central spaces in your house. A personal place to escape and relax, the first place you stir in the morning and the last place you settle down before falling asleep. This inner sanctuary of your home, whether being renovated or completely rebuilt, offers many opportunities to adopt some of this year’s most exciting home improvement trends.

Soothing Space

A comforting and soothing environment makes perfect sense for a room whose very name suggests rest. Calming colors, soft fabrics (to cancel out noise), and warm lighting help create an area that eases the mind and provides an escape from even the entertaining spaces of your house. If your cottage is a getaway from the everyday routine, your bedroom is an innermost refuge from life’s trials and tribulations.

Exposed Concrete Walls

Contrast is increasingly trendy in bedroom design, and there’s not much that juxtaposes against stained wood and warm colours as well as bare concrete. Just as with other popular industrial design elements like exposed ductwork and Edison light bulbs, gray concrete walls – even just a single wall – can actually make your bedroom feel cozier.

A bedroom with view looking towards the head of a bed. The walls have wallpaper, while the floor is made of planks. The colour scheme is greyish purple.

Clean, Modern Wallpaper Designs

In line with the minimalism of exposed concrete walls, wallpaper featuring simple yet vibrant patterns adds visual interest to the room without diminishing your colour scheme. Even more ornate patterns from the 1970s have been stripped down, removing all colour to imbue your walls with dynamism without being excessive. Also, as is the case with concrete walls, a single statement wall can showcase and contrast with other design elements of your bedroom.

Home Improvement Trends: Master Bedroom 1

Reclaimed Wood

Especially in a cottage, the rustic appeal of wood is as popular as ever. Besides being environmentally friendly, this trend provides a cozy aesthetic like little else. Incorporating wood that was previously used in other other buildings, as railway ties, or in old pieces of furniture will give your bedroom’s ambience an earthiness that adds a rich sense of history and warmth to your surroundings. Perfect when you want to retire for the night.

A view towards a bed with a stained wood headboard. There is a circuler stained wood table on each side of the bed, with sleek, cylindrical metal lamps on each table.

Custom Headboards

Not only is a custom headboard often more inexpensive than a ready-made one, it allows for a style that fits the rest of your bedroom. With highly personalized bedrooms becoming increasingly common, it makes sense that the centerpiece of your bedroom will be made to complement its surroundings.

Now that we’ve planted some master bedroom ideas in your head, why stop there? Check out our guide for renovating every room of your house to discover possibilities you never realized, and do it while sticking to a budget.

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