Home Improvement Trends: Mudrooms

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Home Improvement Trends: Mudrooms 1

Home Improvement Trends: Mudrooms

The spring thaw might have mud on your mind (and on your feet!), so it’s a perfect time to talk mudrooms. Whether using them for storage, laundry, or simply a way to get in and out of the house, the key with mudrooms is not to let them become chaotic. Mudrooms are a design opportunity, not a dumping ground, so we’ve put together some tips to help keep your mudroom usefully beautiful.

If you have kids, design for them

Your littles might not be likely to open a door or hang something on a hanger, because very few kids are, let’s be honest! Instead, go with low-hanging hooks and cubby spaces for shoes and mitts, and cubby spaces with wicker drawers or bins for hats and coats.

Go with bench seating

Install a low bench for people to sit, take off their shoes, drop the shopping bags, or just take a few minutes before heading out. Include a bright cushion in a pattern that matches the curtains for added colour, or add a few bench seating cushions for cool comfort.

Think transitional

Mudrooms are the transition from the outside to the inside, so include design elements that reflect both the outdoors and your decor inside: think natural stone, natural wood accents, and some rustic accessories.

Home Improvement Trends: Mudrooms 2Make your mudroom do double duty

Mudrooms and laundry rooms are a match made in heaven! The open lockers and cubbies in mud rooms are perfect places to store laundry hampers, detergent, and laundry accessories like dryer sheets and softener. If you’d like to hide the washer and dryer, simply install closet doors or cabinet doors over the top top to keep them tucked away when not in use. Or, if your mudroom is near the kitchen, steal some space for a pantry. All you need a few shelves, some jars for non-perishables, and a cute footstool to reach the higher levels!

Think storage + seasonality

Before you begin building or designing, establish what you’ll be using your mudroom for. Is it just an entranceway, or is it a storage area plus entranceway? If it’s for storage, think of what you’ll be storing to make sure you have the right space. Towels and sunscreen have different size requirements than hockey gear and cross-country skis.

Don’t forget furry friends!

The mudroom is an entranceway, which means every member of the house is using it – including the four-legged ones. Add a large utility sink for mucky paws and dog baths, keep a special storage cubby for the dog towel and the puppy bags, install leash hooks right by the door, or stash the kitty litter and food bowls and bins out of the way in the mudroom. Opt for tile floors, and tile or beadboard wainscoting, preferably in medium to light, as it’s easier to clean and shows puppy prints less.

Home Improvement Trends: Mudrooms 3


If you don’t have space for an expansive mudroom with all the bells and whistles, don’t worry! Smaller families (or families with older kids) might require a smaller space. If all you have room for is a 2-seater bench and some hooks, that can work! With smaller mudrooms, think vertical: install shelving and cubbies high up to make the most of available wall space, and build a bench with drawers and hidden storage underneath. Or, convert a closet into a mudroom with a few tricks: put a small rug on the floor and choose a bright wallpaper, then install coat hooks and hanging baskets for mail, mittens, and other ‘stuff’.

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