Home Improvement Trends: Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

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Home Improvement Trends: Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas 1

Home Improvement Trends: Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

A small bathroom can seem like a big challenge, but we’ve put together 5 ways to maximize the space you have — even if it’s small! Whether you’re working with a powder room or just a home with a little less square footage, there are a few ways to make the most of whatever space you have.

1. Create the illusion of space.

Make your small space seem a lot bigger without moving a wall! Mirrors, glass, and open shelving will make the room appear more spacious, more open, and brighter. You could even consider mirrored walls to really open up the room, or go with a mirrored cabinet that extends the length of the vanity to help visually expand the room.

2. Install an outdoor shower at the cottage.

Give yourself extra space in the bathroom by putting the shower outside! Start by making sure you have the space: indoor showers can be 3ft by 3ft, but outdoors you’d want about 5ft by 5ft. Check your sight lines for absolute privacy, and then tackle the plumbing. Consider supply and drainage, keeping in mind that the shower will have to be drained in the off-season or the pipes will freeze, and make sure there’s no rigid connection between the outdoor and indoor shower. Remember too that the runoff water is grey water, so will need to go into the septic system or a leaching pit. But, once the initial work is done, there’s nothing like a shower in the great outdoors to make you forget all your small bathroom woes!

3. Keep things minimal.

Minimalism is very on-trend right now, both in renovations and interior design. When planning your small bathroom reno, design for smooth, sculptural lines, and include sleek fixtures like wall-mounted sinks and streamlined one-piece toilets. On the design side, include very little ornamentation and clutter. Not only is this minimalist, but it will help to give the illusion of more space!

4. Include lots of functional storage. 

Focus on unused corners, heights, open ledge storage and any areas below eye-level as potential storage areas. You can also stack floating shelves to add storage in an eye-catching and fashionable way, or show off colourful towels and trinkets in open shelving. This approach adds warmth and playful colours to your space, and eliminates large furniture pieces like cabinets and vanities in a smaller bathroom. If shelving isn’t an option, think rustic: wooden crates can be stacked, placed on the ground, or even drilled into the wall to create more storage.

5. Be smart with appliances.

Consider setting your sink in a shallow counter: you still get the space to put your things, but it saves you almost foot over a traditional vanity. Sink skirts add flair and hide cleaning products, while a wall-hung toilet with a recessed tank will save you inches in a small space. Or, instead of a curb and a typical shower door, try a frameless glass door and a curbless shower. Not having walls around the shower will save a little bit of space, but moreover this approach creates the illusion of making the shower ‘disappear’ which makes the bathroom appear larger.

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