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The Mini-Handbook to Home Office Design 1

The Mini-Handbook to Home Office Design

From function to beauty, here are the three non-negotiables in home office design.

Whether you’ve been a longtime remote worker or telecommuting is a new, COVID-era development in your life, there’s no doubt that home offices are at the forefront of many minds these days. From creating a quiet home office in a house of kids to designing a dream office for your at-home empire, home office design comes down to three things: function, creativity and delight.

Today, we’re breaking down what you need to know about designing a home office that inspires productivity, new ideas and a great work environment. With our tips, you’ll be clocking your hours in style in no time at all.

Function, function, function.

While we’re believers in creating an office space that’s beautiful, we also understand how important function is in a home office. When designing your home office, pay attention to everything from ergonomics and light to noise and Zoom backgrounds. No detail is too small in a home office since it’s where you’ll be spending your 9-5. Here are some home office design considerations to make:

  • Working with your technology: Connectivity is a huge thing to consider when it comes to designing your home office, from the location of your plugs to the availability of your wireless internet connection. Pay special attention to how your technology will integrate with your new office, whether you decide on a specially designed desk or invest in new wiring.
  • Ensuring professionalism: In the 21st century, there’s rarely a WFH day that doesn’t include a Zoom meeting or Google Hangout. When designing your office, choose decor and placements that exude professionalism and give you an optimal background for your digital meetings.
  • Optimizing lighting: While shabby office lighting might be a thing of the past, once you decide to work remotely, you may very well still deal with less-than-ideal lighting in your home office. Utilize furniture placement, window treatments and additional lighting to create a work environment that makes you feel inspired, gives you a productivity boost and looks good on camera.

Get creative.

While professionalism is important when designing your home office, take advantage of your newfound remote setup to have some fun. There are so many creative things you can bring into your home office, whether you go big with new built-in shelves or integrate smaller twists like a patterned office chair. You have so much more flexibility when it comes to a home office, and there are many more chances to be creative and inspire joy when you’re not sitting in a cubicle.

Add in little bursts of delight.

When you worked in an office, there’s a good chance that you had little bursts of delight on your desk or in your cubicle. From family photos to funny desk calendars, it’s simply part of office culture to bring in some spots of joy to your workspace. However, personalizing your space is something that’s often ignored when it comes to home offices. Many people tend to think that, since they’re in their homes, there’s no need to spend extra time on the little things—but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Regardless of whether or not you’re in a downtown office or a workspace on top of the garage, you spend a ton of time working. Make it worth your while by adding photos to your desk, hanging green plants from ceiling hooks or referencing your favourite Netflix binge on a desk calendar. Those little bursts of delight are what will get you through the hard days.

At Gilbert + Burke, we understand that it can be challenging to take the visions you have and translate them into a design you love—and that’s where we come in. Creating an impeccably designed home office is imperative to having a productive and inspiring workspace, which is why hiring a professional is the way to go.

Our expert design services are exactly what you need to build out the home office of your wildest entrepreneurship daydreams. Our design team has impeccable taste and a wide variety of experience in creating magazine-worthy lifestyle spaces—especially when it comes to beautiful home offices. Contact us today, and we’ll start your journey to a stunning home office.

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