Your Next Project: Home Renovation Ideas (& Mistakes to Avoid)

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Your Next Project: Home Renovation Ideas (& Mistakes to Avoid) 1

Your Next Project: Home Renovation Ideas (& Mistakes to Avoid)

From remodelling your kitchen to building a loft, here are our go-to home renovation ideas… plus mistakes you should avoid making

When you’re thinking about starting a home renovation, you probably start instantly looking for renovation ideas and remodelling ideas. After all, that’s what Pinterest is for — right? Over the years we’ve completed tons of renovations, remodels and projects, which has given us a wealth of knowledge when it comes to home renovation ideas… and mistakes you should work to avoid.

Whether you’re working with a project team or trying for a DIY project, we wanted to share some of our favourite home renovation ideas along with some things to look out for. From adding in a beautiful new focal point to switching up paint colour to doing a full-scale kitchen renovation, here are some of our favourite ways to complete a stunning home renovation.

Smaller Renovation Ideas With a Big Impact

Often, you might think of your home renovation as a massive project involving inches of sawdust and plywood — but that’s not necessarily true. While big projects are certainly fun, there are smaller renovation ideas you can try for a big impact without a massive investment.

  • Invest in interior design: While you may not think of an interior design switch-up when you’re thinking of remodelling ideas, an updated design can change the entire trajectory of your home. Find inspiration from magazines, sites and social media, and make a vision board of what you’d like your space to inspire. For instance, maybe you’d like to add interior design touches that give you a more streamlined feel (like neutral colours or white shelving). On the other hand, you may be looking for a more colourful, welcoming aesthetic that involves new rugs, flooring and wall colours.
  • Choose a new paint colour: While you may only think of paint on walls, it can truly be so much more. Consider a new paint colour on the outside of your home, on your floors or on your kitchen cabinets. With just a few buckets of paint and some patience, you can literally transform the way your home looks. Just be sure to use high-quality paint.

Bigger Remodeling Ideas for a Total Switch-Up

If you’re ready for a full-scale remodel, you have tons of options that can create an entirely new space. From a complete change in your room design to a home renovation that involves multiple floors, remodelling ideas give you room to make a big change.

  • Create a brand new kitchen design: Kitchen remodels are always top of mind for people, whether you want to install new cabinets, build an island as a focal point, change the layout or add an eating area inspired by your favourite restaurant. Kitchen design comes with expenses like plumbing and electricity but can also create a new life-at-home experience.
  • Bring creative additions into your home: Remodeling ideas can be incredibly fun if you let them, so consider adding a lofted space in your upstairs area, adding built-in shelves to create a home library (or a bookshelf door!) or creating a complete spa in your bathroom, complete with a lounge chair in the shower, a sauna and a whirlpool tub.

Home Renovation Mistakes

There are several home renovation mistakes that we’ve witnessed over the years, from not setting a realistic budget to not paying attention to the little details. Here are some home renovation mistakes that you’ll want to avoid:

  • Not setting a budget that you can actually work with.
  • Not properly measuring your space to allow for your vision to come through.
  • Cutting corners on cheaper materials that won’t hold up as well.
  • Designing only for trends (note: they pass!)
  • Spending tons of money for something you think will boost your resale value — without doing the research.
  • Not obtaining the proper permits and registrations.
  • Not consulting with an expert team.

At Gilbert + Burke, we’re huge fans of home remodels and renovations — as they can be some of the most impactful, important things you can do to your home. We also think there’s a huge value in working with an expert team to complete your home renovation, as the right contracting partner can help you obtain permits and stay on budget and schedule. If you’re looking to start a remodel or renovation in Ontario’s Cottage Country, get an immediate estimate with us today.

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