How to get away from cottage getaways

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How to get away from cottage getaways 1

How to get away from cottage getaways

Disclaimer: we love our friends and families. We love having them up at the cottage, and we wouldn’t trade those memories for anything. But let’s be real: cottage entertaining can be exhausting. Between cooking, cleaning, and mediating board game disputes, being a host can leave you feeling drained. Wanting a bit of personal downtime to recharge doesn’t make you a terrible person — it makes you a completely normal host! Here’s some easy ways to stay sane, and get away from a cottage getaway.


Find time to exercise

Whether it’s a brisk nature walk or swim around the lake, relaxing through exercise is key to staying grounded. Take time out of each day to get outdoors and spend time doing something physical that you enjoy. Plus, running in the woods beats running to the woods to have a silent temper tantrum.


Keep a routine

Do you take the dog for a walk every morning? Practise yoga before bed? Just because you have company doesn’t mean you have to abandon your routine. Sticking to a schedule gives you a sense of control — especially when you feel overwhelmed.


Go into town

Getting away from guests and spending time alone gives you time to decompress. Not only is a trip to town an opportunity to grab groceries or supplies, it’s also a chance to get out of hearing cousin Frank’s “biggest catch ever” story for the hundredth time.


Ask for help

Even if you’re hosting, don’t be afraid to tell others what to do. Most people want to help around the cottage, but without proper direction, can end up hovering around in a useless but well-meaning manner. Delegate tasks to those around you and make sure everyone chips in. Spreading the workload helps ease the stress off you, and give you a chance to enjoy the weekend, too.


Do a quiet activity

If you can’t get away from a shared space, try doing something quiet. Reading, writing or working on a crossword are all good ways to cut through noise and find calm. It’s even more relaxing if you can have quiet time down by the lake — and don’t forget a glass of wine.

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