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Room Ideas That Bring the Outdoors In 1

Room Ideas That Bring the Outdoors In

As summer is ushered in by spring, homeowners are even more inspired to find ways to bring the outside in. It’s certainly a renovation and new build trend in this part of the world, where appreciation for the natural beauty of the environment and the sun are common characteristics.


Here are a few ways you can create a space that allows for full enjoyment of natural light and beauty.

Muskoka rooms

Perhaps most common in cottages, a Muskoka room (or sunroom) is a space defined by its large – often floor to ceiling – windows that let in streams of sunlight, and ideally, a panoramic view of its environment (urban, suburban or rural). It’s important to plan the optimal placement of a Muskoka room in your home or cottage, because the goal is to bring in the most amount of sunlight all day long. So work with your designer and builder to customize your plans for room shape, dimensions and windows to make the most of your room with a view.

The decisions you make for the interior of the room, will also enhance the “indoor/outdoor” feeling. For example, choose materials that harmonize with the setting. Consider using a mix of materials, like stone, wood, metals like tin or copper, and varieties of glass.

timber construction cathedral ceiling interior of cottage

Screened porches

The draw of screening in a section of a porch or deck, is that you don’t miss out on the benefits of being outdoors, yet it allows you to escape the elements of nature that are less than comfortable, like bugs, or inclement weather.

There are ways to customize a screened space to fit your design preferences and natural environment. Choose materials that are consistent with the style of your indoor space and create a balance with your outdoor setting. For example, use wood frames around the screens instead of plastic or metal, or source local stone and raw materials for an accent wall, outdoor fireplace or deck material.

Window walls

Instantly open up a room by replacing the walls with floor to ceiling glass windows. This has become a highly popular trend in custom home builds and design, especially for homes with naturally beautiful views. For example, cottages overlooking crystal clear lakes, homes with backyard escapes, or rooms with a view. Large picture windows are a modern and functional choice for this style because they will let in the most natural light, unimpeded by frames.

Folding glass walls have the same bright and airy effect, but have the functionality to slide or lift open giving you direct access to an outdoor space, or interior enclosure. This style would be ideal for pool rooms or entries to a deck, patio or courtyard.

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