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Insider’s Guide to Georgian Bay’s Best Hidden Gems 1

Insider’s Guide to Georgian Bay’s Best Hidden Gems

From The Grotto to a puzzling walk, here are our favourite hidden gems in Georgian Bay.

Ontario’s Georgian Bay is full of crystal-clear waters and thousands of opportunities for everyone who’s lucky enough to come to visit. Right off of Lake Huron and widely known as the 6th Great Lake, the waters of Georgian Bay — and its surrounding areas — offer tons of spots to explore, seek, and visit.

While you can’t go wrong with anything you choose to do or see in and on Georgian Bay, we’re partial to recommending hidden gems to anyone we can. From the fairytale-looking Grotto all the way to the drastically dropping waterfalls, we have you covered with our favourite insider’s guide to Georgian Bay.

The Grotto: The beautiful, picturesque sea cave also known as The Grotto is a must-see for all Georgian Bay visitors, and is nestled in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Complete with an underwater tunnel and a viewpoint you won’t find anywhere else, we recommend the easy, gorgeous hike to anyone. You will need to reserve your spot online, and they come in increments of 4 hours. Be careful!

Georgian Bay Waterfalls: The stunning waterfalls of Georgian Bay are some of the most gorgeous in the world — and definitely within the area. There are several waterfalls to choose from on your visit, but there’s something extra special about Inglis Falls, Eugenia Falls and Hoggs Falls. Most of these Georgian Bay waterfalls pair nicely with a hike and a picnic, too.

Flowerpot Island: Flowerpot Island is one of the most unique and fun spots to check out on your Georgian Bay adventure — featuring flowerpot-shaped rock formations and caves that are rife with exploration opportunities. Taking the bulk of the day is how you’ll see the very best of the island, so take a picnic, pack your hiking boots and lather up in sunscreen.

Fathom Five National Marine Park: If you’re a fan of shipwrecks or just general marine history, Fathom Five is absolutely fantastic. The park, which is within Bruce Peninsula National Park, is home to a variety of shipwrecks that are well preserved just under the surface. Scuba divers love Fathom Five, but there are also glass-bottomed boats that allow visitors to seek out the shipwrecks without a dive.

Collingwood Labyrinth: Based on France’s Chartres Cathedral labyrinth, the Collingwood Labyrinth in Tatham is a unique experience for every visitor. You can walk the labyrinth by yourself or with loved ones, and it’s an interesting (and relaxing) spin on a maze — no pressure included.

No matter what part of Georgian Bay you end up falling in love with, we can guarantee that you’ll fall in love. Want to build a home or cottage here? You’re in good company — and we’d love tochat with you about starting a new project.

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