The True Cost of a Kitchen Renovation

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The True Cost of a Kitchen Renovation 1

The True Cost of a Kitchen Renovation

Keep these tips in mind when budgeting for your kitchen renovation.

So, you’re considering renovating your kitchen? Congratulations! Renovations are one of the best things you can do to your home or cottage, and, if they’re done right, they can add a ton of value. However, the process of budgeting can be a tricky one — we give you the 411 on the true cost of a kitchen renovation.

Remodelling and renovations are one of the best ways to refresh and add value to your home. Over at Gilbert + Burke, and we’ve worked with clients on renovations, both big and small and learned some of the best ways to determine the cost of your renovation. Here are our top tips to keep in mind when budgeting your kitchen renovation, from the places where you can save on costs to the areas that’ll take up a lot of your pocketbook.

The True Cost of a Kitchen Renovation 2

  1. Make a master list

Kitchen renovations aren’t cheap, and they tend to range anywhere from the low $20,000’s to more than $90,000 depending on everything from the size of the kitchen to the complexity of the renovation. To start building a budget, make a master list of everything that you want to be remodelled or redone in your kitchen. Don’t be afraid to be detailed, either — because everything has a cost.

Renovation Calculator: calculate the cost of your kitchen renovation.

From replacing countertops and cabinetry to moving walls and changing the trim on the windows, write down everything you can think of when it comes to renovating your kitchen. That’ll help you hone in on what parts of your kitchen renovation are non-negotiable and which parts of your remodel might be left for later.

  1. Be realistic

Once you have your master list written down, you’ll have a better idea of your general budget and priorities. Then, it’s time to consider what these things cost, from the big-ticket items to the smaller costs. When it comes to kitchen renovations, things like cabinets can be a considerable expense. You’re also immediately looking at a higher cost if you want to change your kitchen layout or make a similar radical change.

Do some market research on the materials and appliances you’re looking at, and be realistic about your budget. Since costs can rack up quickly in a kitchen renovation, consider things you wouldn’t mind waiting on or finding an alternate for. For instance, think about looking for refurbished appliances instead of brand-new ones (this can save tons of money!). You can also paint cabinets to give them a completely new look instead of replacing them, as cabinets are often one of the biggest expenses in a kitchen renovation.

  1. Find the right team

Once you have a better idea of what you’d like to spend and what exactly you want to be included in your kitchen renovation, it’s time to find an incredible team to help you put it all together. By going with a specialized team or builder, you’re bringing someone into your project to manage all of it for you. From sourcing great materials to helping you design your ideal kitchen (with a budget in mind), working with a firm to complete your project is the best way to get the results you’ve been waiting for.

With Gilbert + Burke, your kitchen renovation will come to fruition with a team dedicated to the very best of the best. Call us today for a free consultation on your kitchen renovation, and we’ll get started with a project rivalling the prettiest of Pinterest boards.

Download our Complete Guide to Designing Your Own Kitchen for our expert advice and knowledge on the process.

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