Choosing a Design-Build Firm in Muskoka

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Choosing a Design-Build Firm in Muskoka 1

Choosing a Design-Build Firm in Muskoka

When it comes to top-notch communication and next-level execution, choosing a design-build firm is key to your project. Design-build firms are the best choice for custom projects, giving you a trusted team that’s in charge of each and every project piece. By choosing a Muskoka design-build firm as you start to create your dream home, you’ll watch as your project timeline unfolds flawlessly.

There are always differing opinions and schools of thought on everything related to home building, and it makes sense. After all, some people have had beautiful experiences buying existing homes, while others have had terrible experiences going design-build. The way we see it, it’s all about choosing the right design-build firm for your project.

Choosing a Design-Build Firm in Muskoka 2

What’s design-build?

Often, first-time builders find themselves having to become project managers. You have tons of people to communicate with, including your builder, your designer, your architect, your plumber and your electrician — and you’re left wondering why no one ever told you how difficult the process was.

With a design-build firm, you’ll have a team dedicated to managing every aspect of your project, from the initial plans all the way to the electricity install and the final exterior. Design-build firms offer streamlined communication and project consistency by taking responsibility for each section of your build, using both designing and building.

Are you interested in starting your next project? Get an immediate estimate from us here.

Choosing a Design-Build Firm in Muskoka 3

Choosing a Design-Build Firm in Muskoka 4

What are the benefits of design-build?

There are tons of benefits to going design-build, but communication ranks first on the list. With design-build firms, you don’t need to worry about remembering a million people to contact — your design-build firm has that covered. Here are some of the benefits to going design-build:

  • Communication: With one source of communication to the client and to every contractor, no one misses out on any valuable information — and no one gets too much of it, either. By managing all communication from the top, you can minimize a major stressor quickly.
  • Workflow: Continuity is key when working with a design-build firm, and the use of trusted contractors on every level leads to higher levels of craftsmanship as well. When every contractor must go through one company (your design-build firm), you won’t see quality gaps like you might without.
  • Time management: The use of a design-build firm is also paramount in sticking to deadlines, as all contractors must stick to a schedule from the top. This leads to a faster project (that you can trust).

How do I choose the best Muskoka design-build firm?

When it comes to choosing the best Muskoka design-build firm, Gilbert + Burke is your best choice. By prioritizing craftsmanship, design and communication, our client experience is top-notch. As the top choice for discerning clientele among the Muskoka lakes, we take every client project seriously — and it shows.

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