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What You Need to Know about Net-Zero Homes in Ontario 1

What You Need to Know about Net-Zero Homes in Ontario

From passive houses to net-zero homes, here’s how you can build a more energy-efficient life.

In today’s world, we tend to consume a ton of energy. Day-to-day life in most homes involves poor ventilation, tons of electricity and systems that zap energy — but it doesn’t have to be that way. Enter: net-zero homes, Ontario style.

In Ontario, energy consumption is big… though it tends to be lower than in other provinces in the nation. A big piece of this is due to the homeowners in Ontario who build and focus on energy-efficient homes and appliances — particularly net-zero homes and passive houses. Here’s what you need to know about net-zero homes in Ontario.

What’s a net-zero home?

To put it simply, net-zero homes are exactly what they sound like. In a net-zero home, you net zero when it comes to energy output and input. In other words, a net-zero home consumes as much energy as it produces. When it comes to net-zero homes, Ontario builders (and builders across the world) have to meet three main net-zero requirements:

  • To operate with energy efficiency: Net-zero homes must reach the elusive zero, which means that they have to be energy efficient.
  • To include renewable energy systems: Net-zero homes will use everything from energy-friendly appliances to solar panels to help renew energy.
  • To reduce energetic requirements in the home: Net-zero homes need to lower the requirement for energy, which is where things like tight insulation and specially-built ventilation systems come into play.

What are the benefits of a net-zero home?

Instead of leaving a huge carbon footprint in its wake, net-zero homes can enjoy lower energy bills, a lowered energy impact on the rest of the world and a more sustainable living space. When it comes to net-zero homes, Ontario residents look to the builders at Gilbert + Burke for a beautiful, energetically efficient build. You’ll be able to live in a home you know is better for the environment, you can reduce living costs and you can improve the world in the meantime.

For net-zero homes, Ontario often looks towards the passive house phenomenon. Passive houses are homes built under strict standards from Germany’s Passive House Institute. Passive house homes can be energy efficient, or they can be energy efficient times ten with net-zero standards, depending on which type of passive house you choose to build.

Why Gilbert + Burke?

For net-zero homes, Gilbert + Burke is the best of the best. Our team can build homes following the strictest standards for net-zero homes, including the passive house standard. We put a massive focus on building homes that are as sustainable as they are timeless, using a process that combines environmentalism, expertise and experience.

As a design-build firm, we approach building net-zero homes in Ontario from a unique perspective. From more energy-efficient builds all the way to passive and net-zero homes, Ontario’s energy efficiency is better with our team around. Curious about the passive house phenomenon and how we can help?

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