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Our Favourite Hiking Trails in Kawartha Lakes 1

Our Favourite Hiking Trails in Kawartha Lakes

From the Warsaw Caves to Dunsford Nature Trail, here are the best hiking trails in Kawartha Lakes.

At Gilbert + Burke, we really love the stunning colours, landscapes and terrain of Kawartha Lakes. And, while we’ve built tons of luxury homes in the area, that’s not all — we also live there, and love exploring any chance we get. One of the best things to do in the Kawartha Lakes is hiking, and there are a number of stunning provincial parks, trails and natural areas that make for the perfect hiking day.

From the famous Trans-Canada Trail and Emily Provincial Park to the Dunsford Nature Trail and Bobcaygeon Wilderness Park, we’re sharing some of our favourite Kawartha Lakes spots. As avid lovers of the outdoors and huge hikers at heart, these are the best hiking trails in Kawartha Lakes. Happy hiking!

Photo Credit: Explore Magazine

Warsaw Caves Conservation Area: We love a unique spot to hike — and 7 caves off of the Indian River fits the bill. With 15 km of trails that loop through forests and plains alike, the area at Warsaw Caves is full of beautiful views and relaxing sounds no matter where you are.

Trans-Canada Trail: Built on a historic railway bed, the Trans-Canada Trail is a 53.8 km long expanse of trails that take you through everything from woods to wetlands. It’s perfect for a family hike (no crazy hills or rock formations), and is a great spot for walkers, runners and cyclists alike.

Dunsford Nature Trail: Starting on an old railway bed and spanning 2.5 km to a beautiful marsh, Dunsford Nature Trail is ideal for families, runners and cyclists looking for a bit of nature without getting too far off the beaten path. Psst… you might just see some beaver!

Fleetwood Creek Natural Area: In the Fleetwood Creek, you’re in some of the most pristine nature in the Kawarthas. The area, which is owned by the Ontario Heritage Trust, is rich in wildlife and greenery — whether you’re a hiker, a biker or a dog walker.

Balsam Lake Provincial Park: Whether you choose the 2.6 km Lookout Trail, the 4.2 km Plantation Trail or a choose-your-own-adventure type of day, the Balsam Lake area is a stunning area rich in natural history and beautiful views. (Psst… there’s nothing more fun than a post-hike swim or canoe in the lake!)

Bobcaygeon Wilderness Park: If you love the woods as much as we do, Bobcaygeon is for you. The trail itself is a 2.3 mile hike, and is full of incredible nature views and greenery — making it a go-to for hikers who want to do some exploring.

Whether you’re packing up a bag for a long hike or lacing up the shoes for a shorter walk, Kawartha Lakes is full of outdoor adventures for the most — and the least — adventurous hikers out there. Plus, we can guarantee one thing: you’ll fall in love with the area.

If you’re ready to build your dream home among some of the world’s best outdoors, contact us today. We’d love to help you construct the build of your wildest (get it?) dreams.

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