Key relationship management tips for a home remodelling project

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Key relationship management tips for a home remodelling project 1

Key relationship management tips for a home remodelling project

A home renovation can often be stressful–many couples start a project with anticipation and excitement, but the strain of clashing perspectives, critical problem solving and cost implications can put a severe damper on the on the process.

To avoid conflict, here are a few things every couple (or household) should discuss and consider before getting neck deep in a home remodelling project.

Agree on a vision

It’s important to spend time together discussing what it is you truly want to accomplish. Be honest and completely open about your vision. What are your must haves? What are the dream elements? What are the key things you both know you want out of this project in the end? There may be some give-and take, but at least there won’t be any surprises partway through the project.

Determine a plan for use

First, envision and take steps to completely understand how you will use the new space. There are certain elements, like one sink or two in a bathroom, that commonly play a major role in the layout and use of the floor plan. Draw out as much as you can and walk through a scenario of its practical use that makes sense for your lifestyle.

Align on decision making

This can be really tough. usually, both people have a specific vision and a personal preference for what they want individually, but it has to work for both parties. Compromise and listening are key to understanding why the other person feels the way they do and how an equitable solution can be found. It can be little things like paint colour and finishes, or larger conversations like layout, bath or shower, or size of space and budget. Decide early on who has final say in what areas?

Take a reality check

Sometimes there are decisions and choices that you have to make that are hard. What you want isn’t always doable within your budget. It’s a balancing act between the now and the later—what you can afford now impacts what you have to live with and use later. Sometimes, you splurge a bit on elements that really matter; things that are integral to achieving the dream and function. The tough part is figuring out where the line is for you. Finances can cause a lot of stress and strain, so make sure it’s worth it in the end.

Keep perspective

Renovations can become a daily grind. You’re dealing with mess, demolition, perhaps being displaced, things getting moved around, people going in and out of your house, noise, etc. Keep perspective. Think about what you’re gaining. It’s a bit like starting an exercise regimen: it can seem impossible at the time, but the long term health benefits are a great payoff. Lastly, it’s important to have a sense of humour to help you get through tougher situations.Be patient: It takes time to do a good job, well. It takes time to think, talk, plan, meet, source, choose, review, revise, and then, do. Be patient. Understand that a remodelling project is not going to happen overnight and that everything needs to be done in the proper way, and order, to ensure a successful end result.

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