Fresh Remodelling Tips For Your Next Bathroom Project

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Fresh Remodelling Tips For Your Next Bathroom Project 1

Fresh Remodelling Tips For Your Next Bathroom Project

A wood-pannelled bathroom with a shower featuring glass curtains.Bathroom

remodelling projects can range from minimal enhancements to extreme overhauls. In any case, the bathroom has very different considerations than other rooms in the home. It has the most amount of plumbing, it’s the room where the most moisture can occur, and it’s often where the most damage can happen if mistakes are made.

Here are three important factors to keep in mind, whether you’re simply heading to the hardware store or have hired a remodelling professional:

A naturally lit bathroom with large mirror about a single floating counter with two sink fixtures.

Fixtures and materials

Always remember that any and all materials chosen for the bathroom should be carefully selected to resist moisture. That includes wall and ceiling paint, tiles, wood, flooring etc. Many products will state clearly whether they can be used in bathrooms. Some materials are simply not bathroom-appropriate. For example, some types of wood absorb moisture that can lead to cracking, or worse, mould and mildew. At all costs, avoid leaks, seepage, rust and mould – not only will you risk costly damage to your home, you’ll put your general well being at risk.


Just as you would in any other room, try to strike the right balance between artificial and natural light. Many bathrooms do not have windows, so skylights or sun tunnels are excellent solutions to this common problem. But perhaps more than in any other room in the house, the selection and placement of artificial lighting is crucial. A bathroom suite, or bathroom that is common space accessed by multiple bedrooms, are typically where people get ready throughout the day. The right lighting is a necessity. Over the counter, beside or close to mirrors and sinks are commonly where the most light is needed. It’s also important to source and select lighting that isn’t too harsh or too soft – try to replicate as close to natural as possible.

A large bathroom with an open layout. Next to a glass-curtained shower is a large bathtub.


If you are planning to change the layout of your bathroom, the investment can be high, but the payoff is just as big. Reconfiguring where the most important pieces sit in a space (in this case, toilet, sink, bath) requires more effort and expertise, but has the potential to completely reinvent the room. If you don’t want to go as far as knocking down walls, re-plumbing, or adding additional space, there are some spatial and design tricks to give the illusion of space. Using mirrors, glass, or open shelves will make the room look more spacious, open and even brighter. (And if you need any more ideas, check out some of the recent trends in bathroom design.)

So, ready to remodel your bathroom? Talk to us about your next project.

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