How to Select a Builder in Kawartha Lakes

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How to Select a Builder in Kawartha Lakes 1

How to Select a Builder in Kawartha Lakes

Looking for a custom home builder in Kawartha Lakes? We have you covered.

Building a custom homeis one of the most exciting, rewarding projects you can do as a homeowner — if you have the right builder. While we’re all about small DIY projects here at Gilbert + Burke, building a home is a totally different beast. To truly ensure that you have a high-quality, dream home build from start to finish, you need to choose a builder that can help you take your vision and create something beautiful.

As with most things, choosing the right builder can cause anxiety and uncertainty… especially if you’ve never done it before. When you’re starting on a custom build, you want a team that can manage the project with excellence, ensure excellent customer service and pay exquisite attention to detail.

How can I choose the right builder?

There are a few things to remember when choosing a builder — experience level, quality assurance, timelines and licensure included. Here’s what you need to keep in mind when selecting a custom home builder(Kawartha Lakes or not!) for your next project:

Experience + quality assurance:From an award-winning portfolio to client build examples, your builder’s work matters — and so do their methods for ensuring quality at every level of the build. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, okay? The more, the better!

The project details: You’ll want to make sure that you and your builder are on the same page from day one, including with budget, process, timelines and communication. Remember: the custom home building isn’t a quick process. You’ll want to ensure that you discuss all of these things — in depth — before signing any contracts or making any decisions.

Licensure and safety: From holding the proper licenses and insurance policies all the way to warranties and contingency plans, make sure that you keep the details in mind when selecting a home builder. The right builder has everything you need — and then some.

A gut feeling: While it might seem silly to say, trust your gut when picking your builder — and it’ll rarely lead you wrong. Pay attention to details, to customer service and to everything in between, and you’ll get a feel for the right builder for your project. We promise.

Design-build firms vs. separate design and build firms

When you’re embarking on your custom build project, one question comes up pretty instantly — should you use adesign-build firmor use separate teams for the design and build? While it’s a personal preference,we’re big fans of design-build firms.

Starting with improved communication and ensured quality to financial savings and a faster timeline,working with a design-build firmoffers a much more streamlined building process that includes centralized communication, trusted contractors and consistency at each step.

How to Select a Builder in Kawartha Lakes 2

Choosing home builders in Kawartha Lakes

When it comes to choosing a custom home builder in the Kawartha Lakes, Gilbert + Burke is simply the best of the best. Our award-winning design and construction projects put our clients — and their visions — first, and it shows. With a widely celebrated portfolio of homes and cottages across Ontario Cottage Country, we consider it our greatest pride and joy to build custom homes in the Kawarthas.

Are you ready to get started on your dream home?Get an immediate estimate with us, and we’ll work together to build a high-quality stunner, start to finish.

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