Get the best from spring home show season

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Get the best from spring home show season 1

Get the best from spring home show season

This is the best time of the year to find and explore Home and Building or Home and Garden shows. Big or small, it’s a great opportunity to seek out new ideas, talk to and learn from professionals, and get the inspiration and tools you need to kick start a home project.

Here are a few ways to make the most out of the home shows you attend this season:

Come prepared with questions

It can be a overwhelming once you get to the show with so many sessions, workshops, things to see, exhibitors and products to consider–it’s easy to lose focus. Jot down a few burning questions you want to ask vendors, professionals, presenters, etc. These experts will be able to give you better advice if you come prepared. Maybe you’re wondering about specific materials, or whether your budget will be sufficient to cover everything you want from a renovation. If you prepare before you walk into the show, you’ll leave with valuable information in hand.

Research and seek out key vendors

Take a look at the professionals that will be on hand as exhibitors, and do a little bit of research on their products and services. If you’re looking for something specific, like flooring, windows or a bathroom reno expert–you can be more efficient with your time by going directly to a few choice exhibitors that will be able to help you. Look at the show’s exhibitors list, find their websites, read a few articles, reviews or case studies from clients and speak to them directly about what you’re looking for.

Know your budget and must-haves

What are your goals for this show? What do you hope to gain from it? Sometimes, these shows are purely for inspiration, or out of interest. But if you have a project on the docket, and you are ready to gather quotes and get started–come prepared to talk specifically about your must-haves, and your budget. Even if it’s a ballpark number, you should know what your ceiling is, so that renovation specialists can give you informed advice, quotes, etc.

Plan to attend and speak with us this weekend at the Barrie Spring Home Show

When: April 9-10th, 2016

Where: Barrie Molson Centre

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