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Summertime in Simcoe County 1

Summertime in Simcoe County

Our guide to soaking up all of the sunshine you can.

When it’s summertime in Simcoe County, it’s one of the best times of the year — and you get to enjoy it in one of the best areas in the entire province. While the sun is out and the water is extra sparkly, there are tons of things to do, eat, experience and see. As we enter into a summer beginning to feel slightly more normal, we’re itching to get outside — and know you are too. We’re sharing some of our favourite activities and ideas for your Simcoe County summer — so whether you enjoy a picnic or sip of some wine, have fun, stay safe and pack the sunscreen.

Picnic it up: Simcoe County is home to a ton of parks and several beaches, and there are few things better than heading out with a picnic basket in tow. We’d highly recommend packing up your basket with lots of goodies and snacks and then visiting a new place every week (because why not?). We’re partial to Wasaga Beach Provincial Park — you can visit the Blueberry Plains Trail and trail centre for a post-picnic hike — and we also love Awenda Provincial Park. However, you can’t go wrong. After all, what on earth is better than a summertime picnic?

Hit the water: It’s not summertime without water activities, and Simcoe County summers are no different. Whether you pack up the paddleboard, start up your boat or just lay out the beach towel, Simcoe County is packed with plenty of places to hit the water. If you love a long paddling session, Simcoe County has plenty — and the Edenvale to Wasaga Beach to Nottawasaga River route is an easy one that will take you 3-4 hours to complete. You can find water sport rentals and opportunities all over Simcoe County, as well — and we love anchoring for the afternoon at Beausoleil Island.

Slide back into group activities at a festival: As Ontario moves into Stage Three of its reopening roadmap, it’s the perfect time to dip your toes into some (masked) group events and festivals. Simcoe County has quite a few events on the calendar for this summer, and they’re perfect for anyone from family groups to friend’s night out. You can find the current and updated list here, and you might just see one of us there!

Vino, vino, vino: If you’re a wine buff, Simcoe County is for you — and summertime is the ideal time to head out for a glass of vino or a tasting experience. This summer, make it your goal to visit as many locally-owned Simcoe County wineries as you can! We love them all, but we’re particularly partial to Windrush Estate in Palgrave and Heritage Estate in Barrie. However, no matter which you choose you simply can’t go wrong. They’re all fantastic!

While this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to summer activities in Simcoe County, we hope you’ll find something to inspire and excite your summertime soul! In the meantime, we’re always around to help your custom home and boathouse dreams come true around Simcoe County — so give us a call. Our talented team knows the area well, and we’re experts at creating beautiful homes for discerning clientele.

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