The Milestones That Made Us: Tech That Changed Everything

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The Milestones That Made Us: Tech That Changed Everything 1

The Milestones That Made Us: Tech That Changed Everything

20 years have brought lots of milestones to the Gilbert + Burke team, but they’ve also brought changes, like the addition of new tech.

From 2000 to 2020, everything has changed. From our beginnings in a den office to our current space, and from our early small client list to our current huge roster, not much looks the same besides the camaraderie and teamwork in the background. However, we’re not the only people who think it’s all changed; in fact, we’re pretty sure that most of the world feels the same way, too. From smartphones to GPS systems, the rapidly changing technology space has been a huge marker of the changes we have undergone as Gilbert + Burke.

The Milestones That Made Us: Tech That Changed Everything 2

Perhaps the biggest technology development along the way has been the cell phones that have allowed us to communicate. We started with the original Nokia flip phones and Blackberries, and things have extended all the way to palm-sized iPhones. We’ve also been able to use project management software that allows us to use our laptops in the field, as well as architectural and design software that gives us the ability for 3D and photo-reality options. With digital marketing we’ve been able to reach non-local people for our local projects, and with digital photography we’ve been able to improve our marketing materials and email photos to clients. Most importantly, advances in building science have led us to find new materials and methods that allow us to build more sustainably and create greater energy efficiency with our projects.

If you had told our year 2000 team about the technological advancements our 2020 team would be able to use, we probably wouldn’t have believed you. If we had to guess, our 2020 team may not be able to believe the technological advancements that our 2040, 2060 and 2080 teams may have. We’re open to change along the way, and we know that technology (usually) has our back with making new changes and creating new business ventures. We can’t wait to witness all of this expanding technology right alongside you.

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