The Projects That Made Us: Georgian Bay

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The Projects That Made Us: Georgian Bay 1

The Projects That Made Us: Georgian Bay

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been lucky to have some incredible projects — like this beautiful Peter Groza build.

Year: 2017

It’s hard for us to say that certain projects are our favourites, especially since we have over 20 years of construction, renovation and design under our belts. However, the Georgian Bay Lakeside Home that we worked on is a standout, designed by our very own senior designer Peter Groza. With a unique understanding of sustainability and the environment, Groza has a way of melding together modern architecture with an understanding of the ground he walks on.

Check out the full project – Georgian Bay Lakeside Home

Our main focus with the Georgian Bay project was finding a way to marry nature and community into a home built as a family space and as a welcoming place for visitors. The juxtaposition between the heart and the earth is one of Groza’s specialties, and it showed in this project. By working with the terrain of the bedrock instead of against it, we were able to build the home with an appreciation for the environment and even add extra storage. Built with energy-efficient techniques that follow some aspects of the passive house principles and unique design features such as giant picture windows, the lakeside cottage has become a staple in our portfolio.

The Projects That Made Us: Georgian Bay 2

The Projects That Made Us: Georgian Bay 3

What you may not know, though, is that the Georgian Bay project was especially close to Groza — in fact, it’s his home. “It’s very customizable,” he said. “There are lots of spaces to spread out and enjoy alone time or time together.” We’re huge proponents of the idea that your home should be able to grow alongside you, which shows in this project. From respect for the air and the environment to the little details that make it a show-off home, it’s a Gilbert + Burke legend.

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