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The Projects That Made Us: Moorelands Camp 1

The Projects That Made Us: Moorelands Camp

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been lucky to have some incredible projects — such as the Moorelands Camp.

Year(s): 2005 – present

Nestled on Kawagama Lake, Moorelands Camp provides a warm, safe environment for kids who come from low-income neighborhoods in the Greater Toronto Area. Established in 1912, the camp has helped over 130,000 children with greater access to success and friendship, and their mission is something that Gilbert + Burke supports. For the past decade, we’ve worked with the Mooreland’s Children’s Camp to help rebuild and modernize its aging infrastructure, helping to ensure that Moorelands is around for years to come.

The Projects That Made Us: Moorelands Camp 2

Throughout our time working with the Moorelands Camp, we’ve helped to impact the lives of thousands of campers through building a new administrative building, a new shop, new washrooms for boys and girls, a new medical building and a multi-use building called ‘The Hub’. By helping to add value to the camp, we’ve been a small part of the camp experience for each child who has walked on to the property. In fact, we are building and donating a small library and wilderness environmental program meeting space to the camp to celebrate 20 years. The space can be seen at the 2020 Spring Cottage Life show in Mississauga.

The Projects That Made Us: Moorelands Camp 3

Though our primary focus may seem to be building and designing homes, nothing thrills us more than projects that reach beyond the typical brick to help out people in need. We also take pride in our professionalism and work ethic. Shiraz Bharmal, the president of Moorelands, commented on that very thing, saying “timelines and agreed budgets were met, materials arrived when they were supposed to and the trades were on site as scheduled.” We’ve spent half of our years in existence as a company — a full decade — working with the Moorelands Camp, and we’re excited to continue the tradition.

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