New Home Design Trends in 2020

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New Home Design Trends in 2020 1

New Home Design Trends in 2020

From colours to fixtures, these are the new home design trends that you’ll want to get in on.

All this extra time at home has probably had you scrolling down Pinterest boards and flipping through home decor magazines to find your next home update, right? Us, too! It’s the perfect time to try a new home design trend in your house this year, and 2020’s top trends are fun ones.

Whether you’re wanting to try a pop of wallpaper for a homemade accent wall or you’re looking to trade out darker mahoganies for lighter wood, these trends can add a whole new look to your home or cottage.

Trend Alert #1: Lighter Wood Grains Are In

One big home design trend we’re seeing this year? People are looking to back away from the dark, red-brown tones of mahogany from years past. Instead, materials like white oak and light pine are making a big splash on everything from kitchen counters to hardwood floors. Adding lighter wood to your space is a great way to brighten up your home, and it can even make spaces look bigger.

Another way to brighten up your space through colour that we’re seeing a lot? Trading the grays and taupes of the past for sandier colours that are warmer, brighter and more welcoming in homes. From painting your cabinets to changing up your doors, consider adding in some lighter tones to your home.

Trend Alert #2: Super Perfect No More

While the design trends of the past may have pointed to super-perfect homes with little character, the same thing can no longer be said for the homes and designs that people are loving these days. From mixing in heirloom furniture to enjoying features like exposed brick, we’re seeing a huge gravitation to less perfect designs. Instead of focusing on super clean lines and large swaths of glass, people seem to want their homes to feel just like they’re named… homey.

Consider adding in some personality and warmth to your home this year by displaying antique or unique furniture, switching up your white rug, adding in an accent wall with unique wallpaper or embracing imperfect wood.

Trend Alert #3: Add in Greenery

One of the easiest — and most popular ways — to bring the outside in? Plants, plants, plants! Here in the last year, we have seen a massive movement towards greenery in homes far past the typical houseplant of the past. From monstera plants by the door to swaths of ivy on the bookshelf, greenery is a star this year.

Shop local at your neighbourhood nursery or plant store, and become a plant parent this summer! You’ll be fascinated by the research you do, and your home will feel instantly warmer, more open and cozy with your new plant and greenery additions.

New Home Design Trends in 2020 2

Trend Alert #4: Nature-Inspired Materials Forever

This year, we’ve seen a big change to nature-inspired materials in people’s homes. This home design trend is a Gilbert + Burke favourite, and we’ve been doing it forever. From pine and birch to stone and raw material, the trend of changing to nature-inspired materials is one of the absolute best ways for you to add a layer of complete uniqueness to your home.

Things created in nature can never be replicated exactly, which is why we love using nature-inspired materials so much. When you bring nature into your home, you’re bringing something in that no one else can quite have. From new countertops to fixtures created from natural materials like stone, add in some natural uniqueness to your home today!

At Gilbert + Burke, we work alongside our clients to marry together home design trends with timeless design that they’ll never get sick of. Building a custom home is a maze of decisions, and we’re the best partner for building your home with intention, design and inspiration at the forefront. Contact us today to start building the space you’ve always wanted.

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