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Everything You Need to Know About Your Custom Home Build Timeline 1

Everything You Need to Know About Your Custom Home Build Timeline

We’re giving you our expert insight into how long it takes to build a custom home

Building a home is one of the most rewarding projects you can ever do, but it’s also no surprise that the home building timeline can be a long one. From procuring building permits and dealing with rough weather conditions to deciding on exterior finishes and prepping your move-in date, there’s a lot to do.

In short? You probably have questions — and we have answers! At Gilbert + Burke, we’re the experts you want when building a home. We follow a streamlined process with our clients to make sure that they’ll be in their homes as fast as possible, and we’re always open about the home building timeline. Here’s what to expect.

Custom Home Build Timeline

Stage #1: The Discovery

Estimated Time: 4 – 6 Weeks

When it comes to the initial stages of the home build process, you’ll find yourself in discovery. This is where you’ll work on finding the ideal builder for your custom home, and it’s where you’ll dig into the things that are important to you on the build. From deciding on your initial design concepts to getting budget estimates, the discovery phase allows you to get to know your new builder… and your builder to know you.

While this might not seem like the most important part of the building process, it really is. In the discovery phase, you can make sure that you’re working with a team you’re truly excited about, and vice versa! After all, teamwork makes the dream work.

Stage #2: Design & Pre-Construction

Estimated Time: 3 – 12 Months

The design and pre-construction phase starts when a Construction Agreement contract is signed. This stage is a culmination when all decisions are made, items for your home are pre-ordered and the timeline starts moving. While a lot of this phase involves finalizing plans, it’s key to the average time of your project. This phase can take a while (especially when it comes to procuring building permits and deciding on fixtures and furnishes), but having a team that you can trust with the details is integral in removing some stress from your building project. After all, building a custom home is no joke… and you want to make sure it’s being done right.

Stage #3: Build-House Foundations

Estimated Time: 4 – 6 Months

For many of our clients, the foundation’s phase of the build is when things start to seem real. Also known as the start of construction, this stage is where the hammer meets the nail. This stage is where you’ll start to see the nitty-gritty side of your custom home build, from laying the actual foundation to framing and roofing, to installing rough-ins for plumbing, electrical and heating. You start seeing your vision come to life here, and the construction process is always fun to watch. At this stage, you see the building closed in which lays the framework for the finishing touches.

Stage #4: Build-Finishing Touches

Estimated Time: 4 -7 Months (depending on complexity)

That stunning plan of yours becomes a real-life home in the finishing touches stage when that wooden frame becomes full of painted walls and beautiful flooring. Here, those little details you discussed at length in the design and pre-construction phase start to come to life. You’ll install cabinetry, paint the walls, install fixtures and see your design plans come to life. The finishing touches stage is also what seems to take the longest. After all, you’re ready to move in!

Stage #5: Post-Construction

Estimated Time: 1 Week

When you’ve made it to the last stage (what we like to call post-construction), you’re finally handed the keys to your home! Here, you’ll do a final walk-through of your home, pay any outstanding invoices and then move on in. With keys in hand and a move-in date on the calendar, it’s finally time.

Total Estimated Time: 18+ Months

The construction process might be long, but it’s incredibly worth it. You should expect to spend the better part of your year (and sometimes longer) on your custom home build timeline, but the home you have at the end lasts for a lifetime.

Our best tip? Work with a team that shares your vision and your values. If you’re in Muskoka, Kawarthas, Simcoe, Parry Sound, or Southern Georgian Bay we’re here to help.  Are you interested in starting your next project? Get an immediate estimate.

If you’re looking to start the process yourself, download our Complete Guide to Planning, Designing, and Building Your Custom Home. It’s an excellent resource for helping you define your goals (and your vision) ahead of time, saving you time in the long run.

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