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Trends for Construction in 2019 1

Trends for Construction in 2019

Crafting a custom home or remodeling an existing one opens several doors for personalized, interesting design opportunities. There is always a new, hot look to try out–anyone remember when chevron everywhere, from floors to backsplash, was a thing? But the way trends are moving these days is less into trendy and fleeting design territory and more into classic, lasting design choices.

This is good news for everyone who is building a custom home in 2019. This year’s emerging styles in home and cottage design bring an air of timelessness and fun. The looks that are “in” right now will bring your current and future self joy because they revolve around interesting textures, natural elements and pops of surprise here and there, according to Western Living Magazine. These attributes of design aesthetics are long-lasting and will withstand time to establish a well-designed home, now and 10 years down the line.

Mix one (or all!) of the following design trends for construction in 2019 into your new custom home build or renovation this year, and relish the everlasting joy they bring to your home.

Utilize natural woods in unexpected ways.

In Canada, we’re spoiled with an abundance of forests and natural parks, so it’s hardly a shock that this year’s trend forecast brings the look indoors. In 2019, style professionals anticipate woods in darker colour palettes and in chunkier iterations will begin popping up in new homes. Evident textures, like intricate line markings and handcrafted details, are a major detail to incorporate.

Rather than your standard wood-plank floors, homebuilders are professionally arranging wood into playful patterns, like funky squares or in slanted layers, to create a textured and versatile look. Rather than art on the wall, this kind of floor design can become a sort of artwork on the floor in a special area of the house, like the dining or living room.

You could also create a statement wall with wood-encrusted wall coverings, or frame a door with an extravagant, detailed wooden doorframe. Of course, exposed wood beams in rooms with high ceilings and oversized, built-in butcher blocks are always breathtaking ways to incorporate natural wood design into a home.

Trends for Construction in 2019 2

Incorporate rich tones with paint.

Bold paint colours set the mood of a room. While white had its time to shine, richer hues are taking the driver seat in 2019. Of course, you’d never want to paint every room a different shade of extravagant colour. When it comes to statement paint, less is definitely more. Pick a room, or even just one wall, to show off a vibrant and deeper tone.

A dining room with dark emerald green walls draws in elements of nature, peace and euphoria. A guest bedroom wall painted a burnt orange reminiscent of Italian terracotta brings an air of warmth and intrigue. Plum purple in a half bathroom is daring, yet tranquil in its richness. Stay away from bright or neon, and pick hues with undertones of neutrals that fit the mood of your style and decor.

Go bold with light fixtures.

Your typical ceramic drop lighting over the kitchen counter or standard lamp on a side table won’t cut it this year. Light fixtures can take a fairly simple space in a custom home and elevate it into a statement area that leaves guests in awe. Multi-piece, geometric chandeliers with old-school Edison bulbs or mixed-metal sconces along a hallway create another layer of texture and surprise in your home.

Interesting or complex lighting can really take a room from regular to wow. It’s something everyone sees and notices first thing when they enter a space, so make it a gorgeous detail to remember. If you like old-fashioned light bulbs, unexpected shapes or specific materials, incorporate those into the light fixture in a room, and see how much the space is elevated immediately.

Trends for Construction in 2019 3

Play with intricate or unusual tiles.

The simplicity of ceramic subway tiles is always a classic approach, but in 2019, design trends are getting outside the box and working in new and elaborate tile designs. You can still keep it simple in color, but try out a hexagonal or oversized shape of tile for something new.

Or, for the really out-there and experimental folks, there’s now industrialized tiles with the look of weathered steel, tiles that look like charred and preserved wood, and three-dimensional tiles with interesting pop-out textures that would look fabulous as a backsplash or on the wall of a shower. With the latest design technology, new rolling presses can create almost any effect on tile, which means the options are ever-expanding.

Try a 2019 design trend in your custom home.

With the number of exciting and unique design trends hitting the construction market this year, now is the best time to build a custom home that perfectly suits you and your family. No matter your design preferences, our team at Gilbert + Burke is ready to walk you through the full-service experience of designing, building and finally moving into your dream custom home or cottage. Contact our team today for a one-on-one consultation, and let’s kick off your design journey in style.

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