Why is a cottage renovation different from a home project?

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Why is a cottage renovation different from a home project? 1

Why is a cottage renovation different from a home project?

Cottage renovations come with their own (highly specific) set of considerations, implications and factors that affect the final outcome. It’s important for cottage owners to know the differences between a home reno versus a cottage reno, because they will ultimately have an impact on timelines, budget, and even design decisions.

Here are some of the key differences in approaching a cottage remodelling project:

Access to the property: Often, construction is affected by the environmental and infrastructure complexities where the cottage is located. The crew may need to source highly specialized equipment (such as cranes, or heavy-duty machinery) to mitigate challenging terrain or access points. For example, if the cottage sits on an island, barging and water transportation solutions will need to be considered.

The elements: An older cottage will have been plagued by the wear and tear of a remote setting. Consider the effect of years of erosion, trees falling or roots spreading, and extreme weather conditions of locations close to bodies of water will have on the structure and overall ‘health’ of the cottage.

Restrictions: Do some research into the natural and government imposed restrictions your renovation might face. You may not be able to build an addition if the setback from the water won’t accommodate it. The local building codes, or zoning laws will enforce strict guidelines on whether you can build vertically, use particular construction methods or materials, or add more square footage to your existing cottage.

A cottage remodelling project is also faced with different issues. You should assess the following to avoid surprises:

  • Rotting or moldy wood, rusty pipes
  • Infestation damage
  • Poor electrical wiring and plumbing
  • The age of the structure
  • The level of upkeep/maintenance and upgrades over the years

It’s important for you to know and understand what can impact your remodelling project, but also, it’s incredibly worthwhile to hire a design builder that specializes in cottage remodelling. As you can see, there are ins-and-outs that can add time, budget and complexity to a cottage renovation. A professional will know what to look for, and be able to navigate the issues if they arise.

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