Winter Is Here. Is It Time to Remodel the Basement?

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Winter Is Here. Is It Time to Remodel the Basement? 1

Winter Is Here. Is It Time to Remodel the Basement?

‘Tis the season for a basement remodel–at least, that’s what history shows us. In the design and build industry, basement projects are very common around this time of the year; it’s hard to know “why” exactly this seems to be the case, but it’s safe to say any project that enhances indoor space in the winter will be in demand! Interior remodelling becomes a priority in the winter months, in large part because we spend more time indoors. Popular basement projects include designing a new workshop, craft room/space, entertainment areas, and even home theatres. These are activities and hobbies that can be enjoyed inside with friends and family, in the comfort of your own home.

Basement remodels can be large or small, but will immediately increase your enjoyment of the space within your home–floor space you already have, but perhaps isn’t being used to its full potential. However, typically a basement is fully or partially underground which means it should be treated differently than other space in your house when planning a remodel.


The level of your basement matters greatly when you consider insulation and temperature control. Many basements are walk-out style (level with the ground outside), but still need to be properly insulated to keep the area the same temperature as the rest of the house. It’s more common for basements to be partially, or fully underground. In these cases, it’s even more important to insulate walls, ceiling and especially floors to keep the ground temperature and moisture out of the space. If you have a new home, the 2012 Building Code will have ensured that you already have floor insulation under your basement concrete. Proper heat distribution and insulation are also major contributing factors to energy consumption, household utility savings and comfort. That’s why it’s important not to take any shortcuts because it will end up costing you in energy bills later.


One of the key differences remodelling a basement versus any other room in your home, is that is it can be difficult (at times, virtually impossible) to bring in ample natural light. Basements usually have small or half-sized windows, but they will bring in substantially less light throughout the day as regular sized window will. There are a few ways designers and builders combat this problem. One way is to put in window wells that funnel more light in through the existing sized windows. But, it’s always critical to plan a mix of artificial and natural lighting sources so that the space never feels dark, drab and uninviting. Particularly if the windows (natural lighting source) are facing East or West–the sun will only filter in at certain times throughout the day.


A recent completed project features touches of modern contemporary, particularly in the finishes. White walls and accents bring an airy, bright feel to the space–in combination with minimalist design and a combination of natural and artificial lighting. Perhaps the focal point of the entire room is the sleek, completely modern fireplace that creates warmth in both practical and aesthetic ways.

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