Work from Anywhere: Even Your Cottage

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Work from Anywhere: Even Your Cottage 1

Work from Anywhere: Even Your Cottage

Remote work has made working from home the next big thing — cottages included

Over the last two years, there’s been an influx of working from home advice and remote work inspiration — and for a good reason! Much of the world has turned to remote work during the pandemic, and for a lot of people, working from home is the new norm. The way we see it, though, working from home doesn’t have to mean setting up shop in a home office. Instead, we’re big believers that remote work should mean work from anywhere — including working from your cottage!

Work from Anywhere: Even Your Cottage 2

Now, whether your cottage overlooks the lake or is nestled in the woods, we have you covered! Here are some of our favourite tips for working from the cottage, whether you’re fully remote or halfway back in the office. After all, what’s your cottage for if it’s not for your whole life — work and all?!

Work from home = work from anywhere

Remote working isn’t a new thing, but it’s gained a lot of traction recently. Whether you’re full-time, part-time, or hybrid in-office and remote, the ability to work from home adds so much flexibility to life as a whole. We’re huge proponents ofworking from home, meaning work from anywhere. In 2021 and the years following, there’s no reason why working from home shouldn’t be as flexible as possible.

Plus, if you’re ready to work from home (and work from the cottage) in a job that doesn’t allow for that flexibility now, you have tons of options. There are companies worldwide and across time zones that love remote working, too — and we know you can find your place!

Work from Anywhere: Even Your Cottage 3

Make your cottage a work from home paradise

Are you ready tomake your cottage a remote work haven? We have you covered with our working from home (AKA, working from the cottage) advice.

  • Create boundaries in the cottage: Working from home and working *in* home don’t need to be the same. While working from home and the cottage can be flexible, boundaries can quickly be crossed — and it’s super important to maintain the difference between your work life and home life. Consider creating a dedicated workspace in your cottage that you only visit during your work hours, and do your best to create physical boundaries (like rooms and doors) that can separate work and cottage life.
  • Focus on connectivity: Cottage life sometimes goes hand-in-hand with no-service life, which doesn’t work well if you’re trying to work from the cottage. Make sure your internet connection is strong and fast, and consider calling an internet technician to optimize your service.
  • Pick a beautiful view: Cottage life usually goes hand in hand with the beautiful views of cottage country, and there’s nothing that will motivate a workday more than getting to stare out at a beautiful view! If you have a lakefront or mountain front view, use it as a workspace! And, if you don’t, get creative. Pick your favourite view, and challenge yourself to work from it for at least an hour each day.
  • Work outside!: Who said that working from the cottage had to mean working from inside the cottage? Enjoy the fresh air from your deck or balcony, and let the extra Vitamin D motivate your afternoon meetings. Plus, there’s nothing like that cottage country air to make you feel more alive… right?!

At Gilbert + Burke, we’re always here to help you create a true paradise from your cottage and your home. Life is meant to be lived in homes and cottages that bring us joy, and we’d love nothing more than to make your joyful dreams come true. Download our guide here toTurn Your Cottage into the Ultimate Home, home office and all!

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