Your Dream Skylight: Stargazing from Indoors

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Your Dream Skylight: Stargazing from Indoors 1

Your Dream Skylight: Stargazing from Indoors

Bringing natural light into a space is not a seasonal trend.In summer, winter, spring or autumn, a well-placed skylight will flood a room with warmth and energy from sunlight, moonlight or starlight.

While skylights are traditionally common in bathrooms or attic spaces, the eco-friendly nature and special lighting benefits can be a welcome addition to any space in your home. Consider how a skylight installation could add to the design and feel of your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom.

Kitchen skylight: bring natural light into the heart of your home

In every home, the kitchen requires lighting that delicately balances ambiance with utility.  This means that while you want your kitchen to be a central showpiece of your home, it’s important not to forget that the light needs to serve the tasks and functions that take place in the space. Skylights in a kitchen will help to cut down on the amount of artificial light installations needed to bring light into the room. Natural light is double-purposed for ambiance and utility – but should be used in combination with artificial lighting design. Think carefully about placement. Install skylights above spaces that need or would benefit from the most natural light, such as islands, seating areas, or workspaces ensure that there is a direct stream of light during the daytime. But consider using pendants, or pot lights with dimmers to replicate the same amount of light after sunset.

Wondering how to incorporate your particular style and flair for design? Skylights can be totally customized for shape and style – it starts with the ceiling. Modern asymmetrical shapes, slants or slopes, and heights will affect the overall affect (and character) of your skylight. When it comes to skylight or sun tunnel design, the sky really is the limit!

Bathroom skylight: The perfect blend of light and privacy

Skylights are perhaps most commonly built into plans for bathrooms. Perhaps the number one reason this tends to be the case, historically, is because they give the same lighting benefits as a window, without the pesky privacy concerns. Windows are often ideal in theory, but need to be very strategically placed in bathrooms (for obvious reasons). The placement of skylights can be slightly more accommodating, for example, over the shower, bathtub, vanity or counter.

Typically, the bath or spa areas of your home are not the largest spaces, so perhaps another good reasons to consider a skylight, is to create the illusion of space. Bringing in natural light, and adding height to your ceilings by opening up to the sky, will add to the overall spatial affect without changing the square footage.

Bedroom skylight: Watch the sun rise and set

As seasons change, we all look for ways to bring in natural light – particularly to the room where you want to feel the most calm, retreat and warmth. A bedroom skylight provides two main benefits: aesthetic and practicality.

Most people get excited about the thought of looking up from under the covers and seeing the vast night sky while they fall asleep, or waking up to the brightness and warmth of the sunrise. Skylights add to the overall atmosphere of a room, ushering in the natural light of the sun, moon, and stars. It’s like a 100% natural fresco on the ceiling.

It’s important to consider a skylight for practical use as well. For example, think about the amount of direct sunlight throughout the day and how it might affect the insulation of your home during all-seasons. It might be a good idea to plan for tinted skylights, or custom shutter systems.

Natural sunlight can also affect your energy bills in a positive way. Skylights or sun tunnels will bring significant warmth into any space – a fantastic bonus for those looking for eco-friendly, green or energy saving home renovation, or new build solutions.

Does this give you ideas? Ask us about skylights for new construction, home renovations or remodels.

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