Your dream windows: an extension of interior and exterior space

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Your dream windows: an extension of interior and exterior space 1

Your dream windows: an extension of interior and exterior space

Making your home a true escape includes the aesthetics of your interior and exterior spaces. Room design should consider both elements. Whether you’re remodeling, renovating, or starting from the ground up in anew build, consider ways to bring the two spaces together.

Windows are the key to achieving this balance. Your windows will bring in natural light that breathes life into a space. You’ll also reap the benefits of natural art – consider your windows a scenic picture frame!

There are some stunning trends in custom window design and installation that will give your space light, life and beauty that will define the style of your home.


Floor-to-ceiling windows will instantly open up a room by replacing the walls with glass. This has become a highly popular trend in custom home builds and design, especially for homes with naturally breathtaking views. For example, cottages overlooking crystal clear lakes, homes with backyard escapes, or rooms with a view.  Large picture windows are a modern and functional choice for this style because they will let in the most natural light, unimpeded by frames.

Folding glass walls have the same bright and airy effect, but have the functionality to slide or lift open giving you direct access to an outdoor space, or interior enclosure. This style is ideal for poolrooms or entries to a deck, patio or courtyard.


Bay windows have been a longstanding style, but are making comebacks with variation. The reason bay or bow windows make a fantastic addition to a space, is because it does just that: adds extra square footage, projecting outward to bring you closer to the outdoors. Consider using that space for a small reading nook, or building a window seat with storage components for magazines, sketchbooks or journals, and favourite books perhaps.


These windows can be customized in nearly any angle or shape, since they don’t open, they are truly meant to open up a space using light. This is a very contemporary style and is often used on angular walls, or corners, giving the room a panoramic view in a non-traditional way. These windows are often used in conjunction with fully operating windows, adding fantastic variety and style.

Choose windows that visually expand your space, and allow you to fully enjoy your location, location, location. There’s no better way to bring the sense of escape into a home.

Take a look at some of our recent projects to see how windows are an integral part of any remodel, or custom build.

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