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Job Summary:

Under limited daily supervision and direction of the Site Supervisor, you will perform general carpentry duties: this includes the skill, experience level and responsibility to properly rough frame, roof frame, install drywall, finish work as well as perform related duties.  Occasionally duties will be performed unsupervised. You will be required to carry and move materials within the construction site and when transporting materials to and from work sites.  You will also help to maintain a clean job site to ensure complete customer satisfaction and a safe workplace.

Job Skills/ Qualifications

  • Proficient operating power saws, planers, joiners, hand tools, and other required machinery and equipment.
  • Perform general finish and cabinetwork in the alteration, repair, and maintenance of floors, roofs, walls, stairways, doors, windows and other structures
  • Accurately Analyze Blueprints and plans
  • Pays close attention to instruction
  • Respects and deals well with authority; work well with others; able to work independently
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to apply judgment
  • Can arrange personal transportation to and from the office
  • Must provide own hand tools including:30-foot tape, speed square, chisels, screwdrivers, hammers, chalk line, nail set, nail puller, pry bar
  • Must provide own safety boots
  • Able to lift weights up to 60 lbs. unassisted

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Must possess basic carpentry skills and is expected to meet the quality standards of Gilbert + Burke on every job as outlined by the Site Supervisor and/or Operations Manager
  • Various carpentry task checklists are available for use to maintain standards of quality
  • Accomplishing detail and thoroughness in each task while working efficiently is the goal
  • He/she will always be training to learn new skills and handle additional responsibilities
  • Position could qualify to become a Site Supervisor


  • Working under the direction of the Site Supervisor, the carpenter is responsible for efficiency and quality in all tasks
  • Responsible for following the Company Code of Conduct and report to the job by the time requested with all necessary tools and equipment
  • Contact the Operations Manager for assignment before leaving a jobsite if the Site Supervisor does not require you on site for remainder of day/next day
  • Complete understanding of the daily timesheet, job codes and importance of representing each job accurately
  • Complete the timesheet daily, and submit to Administrative Manager by Monday of the following week


  • You are responsible for your own job safety and of those around you
  • Compliance with the company Safety Policy and Procedures is imperative
  • Compliance with Hazard Assessment Reports is required by the jobsite
  • Keep up to date on all legally mandated personal certificate requirements (First Aid, WHMIS, etc.)
  • Report any observed safety violations to the Site Supervisor
  • Participate in annual Safety Policy review

Job Site and Truck Cleanliness 

  • Participate in job site and truck cleanliness at the end of each day/week
  • Company trucks are to be kept clean and organized to be consistent with our company’s image of professionalism
  • You are responsible to assist with the cleanliness and organization of the trucks on a regular basis in cooperation with the production schedule and your responsibilities as a Carpenter
  • Ensure protection of finished flooring, surfaces, tubs, etc.
  • Ensure adequate dust control in all remodels

Customer Relations

The Carpenter may have direct contact with the client from time to time, we expect professional communication with both clients and co-workers
If clients raise any issues with the Carpenter, he/she should refer the client to the Site Supervisor for resolution

Additional Work/Cost Updates 

  • Familiarity with the scope of work for each job, so that potential additions or deletions that become apparent can be reported to the Site Supervisor
  • Report Trade Contractor information to the Site Supervisor that may indicate a change in the scope of work
  • Any communication to the client regarding potential Cost Updates will be carried out by the Site Supervisor

Employment Experience 

  • Minimum of 5 years Carpentry experience

Preferred Requirements

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Carpentry Certification
  • Grade 12 Education or Equivalent

Additional Information

We are looking for a highly motivated, co-operative individual who is eager to learn and strive to reach personal and corporate goals.

Working Conditions

  • Frequent day traveling up to 4 hours
  • Exposure to occasional moderate to high levels of noise on construction site
  • Working in moderate to high risk construction sites with sometimes high levels of dust
  • Considerable amounts of outdoor exposure
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