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Site Supervisor

Job Summary

On a daily basis, you work in tandem with the Operations Manager to efficiently complete your project. As a supervisor, you hold the leadership on a job site and are responsible to delegate duties to carpenters and labourers. You must have advanced skills and knowledge of carpentry, the home building process and all aspects of renovation.  You must be able to transfer information effectively to both clients and employees using all methods available to you including cloud-based project management software. With strong management and problem-solving skills, you will be responsible for the efficient organization of material, labour, sub trades and equipment/tools during a project.  You will be required to carry and move materials within the construction site, and perform various aspects of project labour.  You are responsible for the project budget, safety, quality, cleanliness, final quality inspection and customer satisfaction of each assigned project.

You are passionate about:

  • People, communicating and collaborating well.
  • Building projects with skill and integrity, keeping everything on track
  • Being the point person in the centre of a busy project.

We are passionate about:

  • Helping clients realize their dream homes and cottages.
  • Setting each of our team members up for success, personally and professionally.
  • Teamwork that engages curiosity, empowers creativity and inspires fun.

Job Skills/Qualifications

  • Advanced skills in operating power saws, planers, joiners, hand tools, and other required machinery and equipment.
  • Can perform more advanced finish and cabinetwork in the alteration, repair, and maintenance of floors, roofs, walls, stairways, doors, windows and other structures
  • Knowledge of labour estimation
  • Ability to interpret and understand blueprints
  • Excellent communication, customer relations skills
  • Strong interpersonal, management and organizational/planning skills
  • Ability to apply judgment, solve problems
  • Detail Orientated
  • Works well with others; able to work independently
  • Must provide own hand tools including:30-foot tape, speed square, chisels, screwdrivers, hammers, chalk line, nail set, nail puller, pry bar
  • Must provide own safety boots
  • Able to lift weights up to 60 lbs. unassisted
  • Able to manage e-mail correspondence, cloud-based project management software, and cell phone/laptop technology.

Duties and Responsibilities

Pre-Construction Meeting

The Site Supervisor must participate in the turnover meeting with operations manager, estimating, design and sales.  This pre-planning time is crucial to the successful management of the upcoming job.  The Site Supervisor will be expected to clarify any questions he has in regards to job details with Estimating and Sales prior to job start, to ensure a smooth job start.

  • During this meeting the authority and expectation for the work is passed from sales to production
  • After this meeting, the Site Supervisor and Operation Manager will spend a dedicated period of time reviewing:
    • Job Book – Using pre-construction checklist
    • Project Drawings – Verify measurements and review with Designer as required
    • Organize design specifications and special orders prior to starting the job
    • Special order materials (i.e. Trusses, windows, etc.) – if pre-ordered, check shop drawings for errors or omissions
    • Create calendar in Buildertrend including billing milestones, order dates for longer lead-time items, trade contractors and project schedule
    • Review documents and selections pre-loaded to Buildertrend
    • Set-up photo folders in Buildertrend for daily log information
    • Prior to job start – meet with Operations Manager and client to review job expectations and logistical details

Customer Relations

The Site Supervisor has direct contact with the client and should satisfy the client expectations concerning the job and to solve any problems immediately. Knowledge of the budget is essential in discussing client expectations.

  • Discussing change orders to other requests and communicating these to the Operation Manager and estimator for processing
  • Daily log postings in Buildertrend
  • Daily photo postings in Buildertrend
  • Keep all trade contractor manuals in central, safe location for end-of-job hand over to client

Master Job Plan:

Managing special orders, sub-contractor checklist, and job schedule/timelines so that the timeline of production is maintained as scheduled and agreed upon in the contract

  • Oversee the crew’s timesheets daily for accuracy as it relates division of job cost. Ensure they are submitted by Monday of the following week.
  • Weekly update of Buildertrend calendar (prior to Tuesday of each week)
  • Checking calendar weekly for order dates /materials and subtrades
  • Prepare two-week planner every week, to be reviewed by Operations Manager every Monday.
  • A Job report is to accompany the two-week planner – a list of reporting requirements will be included in each job book for reference
  • A minimum daily 30-minute planning time is to be taken each day in order to accomplish these objectives.
  • Consistent follow up with trade contractors and material suppliers to ensure their timely arrival on site – advanced notice requirements, follow up 2 weeks before, 1 week before, day before in order to maintain schedule.
  • Management and delivery of all project invoices and packing slips.  Photos of bills are accepted.  Submit immediately upon receiving.  Quantities of delivered materials must be verified prior to the delivery truck departure from site.  This data will be used to generate biweekly Job Cost reports which the Operations Manager will review with the Site Supervisor.
  • Management and delivery of all site inspections.  Folder will be assembled by Admin for presentation to client at job closeout.
  • Management and delivery of all job –related maintenance and care booklets.  Folder will be assembled by Admin for presentation to client at job closeout.


  • Must possess advanced carpentry skills and is expected to perform or oversee all carpentry labour on the job. The quality standards of Gilbert+Burke will be maintained in all areas of the job
    • Various carpentry task checklists are used to maintain these standards


Responsible for the performance of all production staff on the jobsite.

  • Ensures that all employees and trade contractors are aware of and observe safety and job site Safety Policy requirements at all times.
  • Record in writing, and report any safety violations and warnings.
  • Involved in providing details for the annual review process for all production staff, including future job goals and future performance expectations, along with the follow up of these items.

Problem Solving

99% of all problems are because information has not been transferred effectively

  • The Site Supervisor must reply to the client, even if it is just to inform the client that he is still working on a solution.  This may be via email, text or telephone.
  • Information must be transferred to the client, sales, estimating, Operations Manager, accounting/office, sub trades, suppliers and crew.
  • The Site Supervisor is expected to deal with any problems immediately, but most importantly, to prevent problems through good planning and relay of information.  Know when a problem is beyond your scope and request help. Your Operations Manager is there to help.

Additional Work/Change Orders

The Site Supervisor is responsible for capturing and managing additional work orders.

  • The Site Supervisor will identify the specific changes on the job – these may be due to unforeseen circumstances, customer request, Building Department request or to rectify a bad design issue not previously detected. This information must be transferred to the Estimator, Operations Manager, and CFO in order to calculate the implications of the change immediately. The client must be advised promptly that this is in process, and that they will hear from the Estimator.
  • Cost Updates may resume in no additional charge, extra charge or credit to the client
  • If the client agrees to proceed, then the Estimator will inform all parties of the scope of the change and upload that information to Builder Trend.   There will be no work performed until the Client has agreed in writing to the proposed change.
  • This applies to changes when no extra costs are incurred to prevent future miscommunication with the client.  When the change is approved, the Site Supervisor will proceed with the work.

Job Site and Truck Cleanliness

  • Responsible for job site and truck cleanliness at the end of each day/week
  • Company trucks are to be kept clean and organized to be consistent with our company’s image of professionalism
    • As the driver of the truck you have been assigned to, you are responsible to see that the cleanliness and organization of it is done on a regular basis/in cooperation with the production schedule and your responsibilities as a Site Supervisor- see card placed in each truck
    • If you drive this truck home, we expect you to pay for the truck wash as required.
    • The truck should not be used for personal use, unless approved of ahead of time.
  • Ensure protection of finished flooring, surfaces, tubs, etc.
  • Ensure adequate dust control in all remodels


  • You are responsible for your own job safety and for the safety of your jobsite
  • Compliance with the company Safety Policy and Procedures is imperative
  • Create and post Hazard Assessment Reports is required by the jobsite. Place in job book when no longer relevant to the jobsite task
  • Responsible for conducting weekly Tool Talks on site specific topics and recording these in Buildertrend
  • Daily logs are recorded in Buildertrend as per Ontario Legislation including weather, number of workers on site, and work completed
  • Keep up to date on all legally mandated personal certificate requirements (First Aid, WHMIS, etc.)
  • Participate in annual Safety Policy review

End of Job Responsibilities:

The Site Supervisor is responsible for performing the final quality inspection

  • 3 weeks before projected end of job, prepare punch list for items to be completed and submit to Operations Manager for review.
  • 2 weeks prior to projected completion, Ops Manager will walk through with SS to review Punch List on site.
  • 1 week prior to projected completion, SS and Ops Manager will walk through with client and create client Punch List as required.
  • Provide customer orientation to new systems and owner’s manuals. Turn over site inspection report folder.

Employment Requirements

  • Grade 12 Education or Equivalent
  • Minimum of 5 Years of Carpentry experience.
  • Certificate of Qualification in Carpentry an asset

Working Conditions

  • Frequent day traveling up to 4 hours
  • Exposure to occasional moderate to high levels of noise on construction site
  • Working in moderate to high risk construction sites with sometimes high levels of dust
  • Frequent interruptions both in person and by phone
  • Considerable amounts Outdoor exposure
  • Required to wear branded apparel and clean clothing daily
  • Work hours are Monday –Friday, 44 hours per week.  One way travel to the job site will be paid.
  • Overnight stays may be required, depending on jobsite location.  In these cases, a daily amount will be paid for meals, and lodging (double occupancy) will be provided.

Gilbert + Burke is an equal opportunity Employer

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