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Guide to Flood Protection for Your Home

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Chapter 1: Flooding Season in the Muskokas

It’s that time of year again, and being informed is imperative.

In the Muskokas — and all over the country — flooding has become a very real threat. When melting snow pairs with heavy rainfall and already high water levels, homeowners across Muskoka start to look directly into the face of floodwaters. Officials are already keeping an eye on the freshet — the spring thaw that brings melting snow into the equation — but it’s vital for you to stay informed and prepared to protect your home against flooding. Keep an eye on the flood mapping guide for your area, and follow our steps to guard your home and family from floodwaters.


Chapter 2: Here’s How to Proactively Flood Guard Your Home

Flood season is here, but there are plenty of steps you can take now to protect your home and family.


Prevention is all about preparation,
especially when it comes to flood

There isn’t much any of us can do about the natural order of things, but working to protect your home ahead of time is a great way to mitigate the risk. Here are some ways to resist flood damage in your home or on your property ahead of time:

  • Ensure that you’re upkeeping drainage systems, eavestroughs,
    sump pumps and downspouts by cleaning them out and preventing clogs
  • Don’t clear those trees or natural features at your waterline — the Earth knows how to protect you, and that’s nature’s way of helping you out
  • Store valuable items high up, and consider having electrical
    panels and plugs re-worked to be higher up from the ground
  • Make sure that the ground around your home slopes down,
    with your foundation being the highest point at ground level
  • Make sure that backflow protection is installed and properly maintained
  • Keep up with regular maintenance on your home, especially when it comes to things like sealing cracks in your foundation
  • Keep downspouts pointed as far away from your home as you can get them
  • Consider adding new sealing to your doors or installing waterproof windows
  • Make sure you have flood insurance

Chapter 3: Here’s How to Guard Against Inevitable Flooding

Whether there’s a big storm coming or you’re realizing that your home is prominently in the floodplain, these steps will help you out quickly.


Sometimes even preventative
measures aren’t quite enough in
preparing for floodwaters.

However, there are things you can do when flooding is imminent to guard your home and the people inside of it. First and foremost, safety is first. Don’t ever try to handle or unplug electrical appliances if they’ve been near water, and stay away from rising or moving water.

  • Gather medicines, important papers and other valuables and keep them nearby in a waterproof, movable container
  • Disconnect electrical appliances if you can
  • If your downspouts can be extended further, extend them
  • Remove any debris outside your home that can hurt your house, and nail down or secure outdoor furniture, swingsets and any other large items
  • General disaster preparedness is essential, so be sure you know
    where your electrical panels, your master valve and other vital pieces are located in your home, as well as how they are accessed and used
  • Place sandbags outside your home to create a dyke
  • Make sure that any flood prevention valves you have are closed
    Stay calm

How Can Gilbert + Burke Help?

As industry leaders with years of valuable knowledge and experience, the Gilbert + Burke team can help to ensure that your preventative measures are put in place.

At Gilbert + Burke, we understand the Muskokas and the weather patterns that can threaten homes, builds and projects. We’re experts, and we’re the best ones to trust when it comes to consulting you on preventative measures and helping to ensure
that your homes are protected against floodwaters. Whether it’s fortifying your doors and windows, fixing your foundation or helping to ensure that your land is graded correctly, we’re the team for you.

Contact us today for a consultation, and we’ll work with you to protect your home against flooding this spring and summer.

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