The Ultimate Addition: A Wine Cellar

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The Ultimate Addition: A Wine Cellar

Thinking about embracing your inner sommelier? Here’s how.

So, you might have always considered yourself a bit of a wine buff. You’re not sommelier level (yet), but you know what you like… and you collect it. With bottles upon bottles of pinots, cabernets, and rosés, you’re running out of room to store your wines. Plus, you want to find a way to display them with a little extra zing. Sound familiar?

The Ultimate Addition: A Wine Cellar 1

If the wine bug has bitten you, we have the ultimate luxurious solution: it’s time to bring your dreams to life and build a wine cellar at home. If you’re ready to add a wine cellar to your home, we have everything you need to know about the process. After all, there’s nothing better than an addition that includes lots of crushed grapes…honestly.

Things to consider before building a wine cellar at home

Building a wine cellar can be an incredible investment into your home… and into your own life, especially if you’re particularly partial to great wine. However, there are some things to consider before deciding to build a wine cellar: do you have enough room? Are you prepared to add an additional cooling system to make the cellar effective? Are you wanting a wine cellar that you can show off or one that you simply want to pack full of vino?

Adding in a wine cellar at home is definitely worth it—but it’s important to dig deep, unlock what you’re really looking for, and make sure that you’re creating an insulated oasis that will stand the test of time.

What you need to build a wine cellar at home

Building a wine cellar can be a big undertaking to do on your own. If you’re ready to embrace the project, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A cool area within your home (preferably hugging an exterior wall) for the cellar
  • A cooling system that brings your cellar to an optimal, consistent temperature and humidity between 10 and 18 degrees celsius
  • A sealed and insulated enclosure with enough space to store the desired amount of wine.
  • Rot-resistant hardwoods composite materials
  • Wine racking
  • An airtight door to maintain humidity and temperature

When you build a wine cellar the right way, you have an investment that will last forever. If you build it the wrong way, however, you’ll quickly create a money suck in your home.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to add a wine cellar at home with the help of professionals, contact us today to set up a free consultation. We’d love to help you create the wine cellar of your wildest sommelier dreams, and we’re exactly who you can trust to do it well. With years of experience creating luxury home additions across the Greater Toronto Area, our team is highly trained and talented in all areas of home building and renovations.

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